Zocalo – Write reviews and get coupons from flipkart, amazon, BMS & Paytm

What is Zocalo?

Zocalo is a review based website in which you earn free vouchers/coupons from various e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, BookmyShow [BMS] and Paytm by writing reviews about commute, PG & Hostels, Neighbourhood and Apartments.

How to write reviews and earn free gift vouchers from Zocalo?

Zocalo is right now available at Delhi and Mumbai only. Under Delhi locality, Zocalo is avaliable at Gurgaon and Noida. 

Before you can write a review in Zocalo you have to create an account at Zocalo.

  • Goto Zocalo.com
  • Login with facebook to create an account at Zocalo.
  • Now you have successfully created your Zocalo account.
  • You will be asked to enter the referral code – GAUR25670
  • You will be asked to write a review about the locality in forms like – communte, Neighbourhood, PG & Hostel and Apartments.
  • Your review should atleast contain 140 characters.
  • Post your review.

Write a review and share the referral code with friend

After that, you’ll be welcomed with a message ” Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your reviews. You can share this referral code with your friends in your network to win prizes.

How does Zocalo refer system works?

Write reviews and earn money from zocalo

If your referred person writes a reviews it will also be counted as your 1 review even if you haven’t written even a single review of yourself.


Number of reviews


Zocalo Punk

10 Vouchers worth 250

Zocalo Counsel

20 Vouchers worth 500

Zocalo Deputy Mayor

50 Vouchers worth 1500

Zocalo Mayor

100 Vouchers worth 5000

If you show little bit of dedication in writing reviews in Zocalo you can Vouchers worth Rs.5000 from shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon.in, paytm and bookmyshow.


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