What does it means of Poke on Facebook

Many new user and old user of facebook don’t know what does it means of poke some on facebook. I asked one of my facebook who is on facebook for the last 2 years what is poke, his answers was it’s a game the one who atlast stop poking loses the games. He also added that it is just a time pass feature of facebook.

So, What is Poke on Facebook ?

Poke is an essential feature of facebook in which you can get somebody direct attention to you by just poking his / her.
It is another way of saying Hi, Hello, Whats up, How are you and Missing you depending upon your relationship with the friends.
This feature is also good for those people who wants to friendship with a particular person and want him to view yours profile only inspite of him not begin your friend for a validity of 3 days and if they poke you back then they are giving you the permission of viewing their profile for a time period of 3 Days too.
See below the demo when you poke some body on facebook

What does it means of Poke on Facebook

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