what are the free 3GB Aircel 3G & 2G data conditions on Snapdeal?

Aircel partnered with Snapdeal has launched an intuitive  way to increase its user base count and keep them away from opting MNP [Mobile Number Portability]. Basically what Aircel has done is that they are offering free 3GB 2G/3G data on every mobile phone purchased from Snapdeal and even if you are already an Aircel user you can also avail the offer too. This is not something new Aircel has done but in the past also Airtel and Reliance have happen to give exclusive offers to customers who bought smartphones, tablets and phablets from snapdeal. But there’s only one thing differ in Aircel offering is that it is giving free 3G/2G to every mobile purchased from snapdeal not on any selected newly launched smartphone. Even if you buy a phone which costs less than Rs.5000 from snapdeal you will still the offer from Aircel.

What is really the offer given by Aircel on Snapdeal?

Aircel is advertising this offer on Snapdeal as ” Get Aircel 3GB 3G or 2G Data code via Email”. But you will be getting 1GB data every month till 3 months.

How to get free 3 GB Aircel 2G and 3G data on product bought from Aircel?

You buy a smartphone from Snapdeal get it delivered to your doorstep. You will get an e-mail from snapdeal within 3-days after the product has delivered about the promocode. Now you have the got the promocode which Snapdeal sent you in the emailthen its time to avail the offer. Put the Aircel sim on your newly bought Smartphone it doesnot matter whether you are new Aircel customer or old. You can avail this inventory by sending a message “SD Promocode” without quotes to 121.

What are the conditions to get this 3GB Aircel 3G data offer?

  • You should buy phone from Snapdeal within 3months from 10th March,14
  • Get it delivered to your doorstep. After verifying the delivery Snapdeal will send the Promocode to the email address which you had the purchase.
  • Users will only get 1GB data/month till 3 months.
  • Aircel’s service is not available in Gujarat, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Haryana and in specific cities of Punjab. So, if you happens to belong from the above states you are most likely will not benefited from this Snapdeal and Aircel tie up.
  • Both new and old customers of Aircel can enjoy this offer.
  • According to Snapdeal Aircel offer page, if you swap the sim in the same device which happen to be a dual-sim you are mostly likely will get the promotion data lapsed.
  • If you change the sim card to any other mobile device after you have successfully got the offer activated in your Aircel number your promo will again also be ended.
  • Reinitiating of promo will not be possible if you have by-chance or deliberately done the above two.
  • Offer is only vaild on only new purchases from snapdeal.
  • The same offer cannot be availed on two Aircel sim using only one device. Device IMEI  and SIM MSISDN  once used would not be given the same promo again.

Note : If you have bought two phones from snapdeal and you have activated the offer in your Aircel number using one device. Do not try to avail the offer again using the same sim in the other new device because you will probably not get the offer again due to SIM MSISDN  once used would not be given the same promo again. My advice would be to use your other Aircel number when you are trying to avail the offer again.

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  1. I have purchased the Data Card – so I can’t SMS (msg) using Data card. SO How do I activate this free Internet ??

  2. i got snapdeal freebie promo code but when i use it ,it did not working like SD promo code but i got sms from 121 Like Sorry this promotion is currently stopped..so pls someone can told me how can i got aircel data…reply me …..Sattibawa@gmail.com

  3. i got snapdeal promo code but it is not working instead i got sms from 121 Like Sorry this
    promotion is currently stopped..so pls
    someone tell me how can i get aircel

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