[Review] Use Zen browser and get free recharge in your mobile

These days all mobile app developers are promoting their app by giving free recharge and gift vouchers to users. One such app is Zen Browser which is giving free recharge for using its app. Though there are some terms and conditions of getting free recharge balance in your mobile.

  1. You should be using your Mobile data pack. WiFi doesn’t count.
  2. You should use a certain amount of data via Zen browser to get the free recharge.
  3. It has a counter of data you used to get close to the free recharge.

What is Zen Browser?

Screenshot_2016-05-31-12-57-50Zen Browser is an android web browser app developed by ZenBrowser Co. It is like your everyday browser though I find the option to open multiple tabs missing in the app. But in the google play store photo it shows it supports multiple tab option which I think will get added in the later update of the app. Now the app is in beta development  phase.

How to get started on Zen Browser?

  • Download ZenBrowser
  • Open the app.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • You will get otp. The app will auto verify it.
  • Then you will be asked to select Operator and Data network – 2G or 3G.

After that use the Zen Browser app as you would normally use your default browser, Chrome, UC browser and Opera.

How to get Free recharge on Zen Browser?

Data required to consume to get free rechargeZen Browser in its menu option show how much MB you have to use to get your free recharge. If you use the app for the first time and have selected 3G as data plan. You have to consume 50 MB before you get free recharge in your mobile.

After you have got your free recharge it will again update the data counter and shows you how much data you have to use before you get free recharge balance.

Features of Zen Browser

Small Size : Zen browser app is less than 5 MB in size. It supports Android 4.1 or above.

Net Neutrality : Where some website gets load faster than others. Zen browser treats everyone equally.

Facebook view : Using Facebook through Zen Browser gives you the experience of Facebook app.

Video : Stream videos in full screen.

Adblock : This feature I like the most in Zen Browser is that it blocks annoying ads on websites by default and gives you clutter-free experience.

Language : It supports English as well as Hindi language.

Cons of Zen Browser

Zen browser doesnot support Multiple tabsMultiple Tabs : It does not support multiple tabs. Though in the Google Play store it shows it does support tab features.

Beta development : The app is still in the development phase. So, you might encounter some bugs and glitches along the way.

Lock screen Ads : The app shows ads when you unlock the phone.

Review : What the madnot team says about Zen Browser?

It’s the first web browser app we have seen that is giving free recharge. Previously Zen Browser where giving Rs.10 free recharge balance just for installing the app. Now they have changed the condition to get free recharge. You have to consume certain amount of data from your Zen Browser App before you can claim free recharge. Zen Browser is light weight which doesn’t hog much of the CPU and does not tend to slow phone compare to Chrome.

Zen Browser Lockscreen ads sucks

Lock Screen Ads : If you’re using the pattern lock or any security unlock feature you to unlock your phone twice. First unlock to skip the lock screen ads and second to actually unlock the phone which is pretty annoying hope they give the option to disable the lock screen ads feature later in the update.

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