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Unblock restricted Websites using PD-Proxy VPN

In Schools, Colleges and offices social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google+ and youtube are mainly been blocked so that the person don’t get too much indulge in his online social life and neglecting the things that matters a lot like completion of project in a given timelime, meeting with the people in real world , exploring new things that gives boost to your productivity and creativity.

But we sometimes need a break from our hetic lifestyle and are curious to know whats going in our friends life as everybody rather calling, texting are simply updating there facebook status and are uploading videos on youtube “How awesome there trip was ” and in that scenario we are helpless as we are blocked from using social networks.

How To Unblock social networking websites

Most of academic institutions block such websites using some software or by asking there ISP to block all the sites listed. How they block sites is the least of our concern as we are going to unblock anyway.
1 step : Register an account at PD-Proxy VPN Service
2 step : You need to download PD-Proxy one of the best VPN tunneling software that makes a secure connection by encrypting all your internet connection.
3 Step : Install it and login using the same which you used when signing up for pd-prxoy
4 step : In server & Protocol Select Either Demo Server 1or Demo Server 2 which servers are hosted in US. Connect using any of 3 modes : UDP, TCP and ICMP. 
That’s it after you have connected to pdproxy you can now any of the social networking sites which are blocked by your ISP and you can which are only accessible from US as proxy changed your IP address.

 PD Proxy demo accounts comes with its own limitation like you cannot use more than 100MB bandwidth a day. To overcome this limitation you can buy PDproxy premium account for 1 month only at $4.99 .

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  1. Sahil says

    Do you know any pd proxy reseller which sells pd proxy voucher at cheap rate

  2. unblock youtube says

    thanks for sharing such nice information. i also use as a proxy mostly, is there any issue of securty in using these websites. keep it up your effort is nice and amazing i really appreciate you for your hard work. a

  3. Julia David says

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  4. muzammil says

    unblocked websites cannot be used any one they blocked some reason people used at the time and they cannot worked it so this proxy server used VPN software if they implement on the webYouTube Proxy

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