Truemessenger to replace stock android messaging app

Got a message from unknown sender. Don’t worry, Truemessenger has come to the rescue. True messenger is an app developed by the people who brought you Truecaller and Truedialer like amazing mobile apps.

What is TrueMessenger?

Truemessenger tells you who sent you that SMS

Yesterday, on 7th July,2015 True Software launched True messenger exclusively in India. TrueMessenger is basically a messaging app like the one installed in your android as stock Messaging/ Message app. TrueMessenger is more than just a simple message app unlike Default message app, Google Hangout and Messenger. TrueMessenger puts you in total control of message inbox from whom you want to receive sms and whom you want to block. A clean inbox with messages from your friends, family members and important message related to bill payment.

TrueMessenger SMS alert tones

TrueMessenger message alert tunes is composed by Avicii which Truecaller has partnered with to bring amazing sms alert tune. Avicii music has also been used in TrueMessenger launch video  Truemessenger – The New Way to SMS

What are the features of TrueMessenger?

Have you ever got a message from an unknown sender/Number and to check you this number belong you have to go and search in True caller just to know whose number this is and afterwards you block  or save the number in your contacts/phonebook. But this is all going to be changed with TrueMessenger.

TrueMessenger uses its service call SMS ID which identifies the sender even when it is not saved in your phonebook.

Are getting way too much telecom marketing sms or messages from unwanted numbers and contacts which you can block with Block SMS function on truemessenger.

You can help identify spammers who send unwanted messages to mass number of people by reporting it spam using Report SPAM feature.

Ever wanted that all junk sms, traffic plan messages from your service provider will be separated from your friends and family messages. Then truemessenger has the solution to that will Clean Inbox. TrueMessenger’s Clean Inbox helps you to automatically send spam message to a separate folder.

True messenger’s advanced filter option always comes in handy as it allows to block sms or spam it with a defined keyword and number related to marketing companies or specify Area codes

Download TrueMessenger App/APK

Right now, it is available for android platform which can be download & install from Google Playstore

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