TrueDialler a new Truecaller Dialler app for outgoing calls

True Software which makes Truecaller app have launched yet another app on Google Play TrueDialler.

What is TrueDialler?

To put it simply it is a replacement or alternative to your default dialler app which you use to dial phone numbers and make call from it. 

So, you may ask what’s the difference between many other dialler  apps available on Google play than True dialler. Well True Dialler searches for contacts at the time you start typing numbers on the app from your device phonebook and numbers from Truecaller directory which are not saved in your smartphone’s phonebook.
You can see contacts of people who have installed Truecaller in their smartphone and at the same time they can also see your contact when they dial your number from the TrueDialler app and have not saved it locally on the device phonebook.
And on the design hand it looks simple, minimal and is incredibly fast than the default dialler app.

How to install True Dialler app?

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