TrueCaller gets data from your device phonebook

Recently Truecaller Team released yet another smartphone software called TrueDialler which gives you the contact details of the number which isn’t save in your phonebook address which is pretty easy, fast and simple. But aren’t you forgetting something “How on earth Truecaller is getting all this data.” 
To be honest about , it is us meaning all the smartphone users who are installing Truecaller are agreeing to their terms and policy to sync or save our phonebook contacts in the Truecaller database.

Even we have never installed Truecaller in our smartphone the chances that our contacts will be saved in the Truecaller database is not so low at all. 
We haven’t installed Truecaller in our mobile but the people who have saved our number in their phonebook might have installed truecaller in their smartphone and they have got their their phonebook uploaded to the truecaller server which means you got your number listed in the Truecaller Directory either way.

If you are concern about your privacy and do not want your contact number to get listed in the Truecaller directory you can alway unlist yourself from the truecaller Directory.

How to Unlist your contacts from Truecaller Database

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