[How to] Get Facebook Home on all Android Phones

A month ago, Facebook revealed that they are going to update the facebook news feed where user have the option to customise their news feed to get latest updates of stories and photos from the  people they want to and facebook team has really made go away the clutter news feed. See also : How to Get Facebook New … Continue reading “[How to] Get Facebook Home on all Android Phones”

[Exclusive] How to Get Facebook New Newsfeed before its launch

Facebook, in this coming up days ¬†is going to launch ” The new Newsfeeds ” which is less clutter, distractive and gives more spotlight¬†on what your friends are sharing. They too have recently integrated new features like facebook graph search and new Facebook Home which will transform your Android Smartphone to a smartphone design for … Continue reading “[Exclusive] How to Get Facebook New Newsfeed before its launch”

How to delete account from facebook

Today facebook has become an integral part of everyone’s life from teenagers to our Grandpa everybody is on facebook even a small 10 year old boy has an account on facebook. You must thinking that why iam saying that why should you delete your facebook account. The answers to this question is  numerous but according … Continue reading “How to delete account from facebook”