[Review] Use Zen browser and get free recharge in your mobile

These days all mobile app developers are promoting their app by giving free recharge and gift vouchers to users. One such app is Zen Browser which is giving free recharge for using its app. Though there are some terms and conditions of getting free recharge balance in your mobile. You should be using your Mobile … Continue reading “[Review] Use Zen browser and get free recharge in your mobile”

5 reasons to install UCweb Browser

Ucweb Browser one of the popular mobile web browser which has recently crossed the landmark of 400 million users and is considering to open its second HeadQuater in India after China is one of the coolest mobile web browser and I am going to  share with you “Top 5 Reasons why should you install UCweb … Continue reading “5 reasons to install UCweb Browser”

How SRWare Iron is different from Google chrome

Since, the previous two weeks i started using SRware Iron Browser which you would probably be unfamiliar with. So, let me first enlighten you about SRWare Iron browser. Its a web browser just like chrome, internet explorer and firefox.  Features Iron has built-in adblocker which can be configured by a single file The User-Agent in … Continue reading “How SRWare Iron is different from Google chrome”

5 features of Google Chrome you won’t know

Google Chrome is the #1 Web Browser used by millions of millions of people . I too also fall in the list. Chrome with number of features which are still unknown to large of people. In this article i am going to highlight those features which you don’t already know. 1. Pin Tab Pin tab … Continue reading “5 features of Google Chrome you won’t know”

Download UCweb Browser Java, Android,Symbian Version

UCweb Browser is one of the fastest mobile browser even it is ahead of the pre-installed Opera Mini that comes in all basic phone in terms of Speed and many additional which most of the modern mobile browser lacks out. It has over 300 millions users of Ucweb Browser in 150 countries in all available … Continue reading “Download UCweb Browser Java, Android,Symbian Version”