[FIX] Get Windows 10 icon in Windows 7/8.1

Windows 10 is going to be launched on 29th July,2015, With this Windows next iteration, Microsoft is going to be all services model meaning after Windows 10 there will be no upgrade or next version of windows says windows 11. Microsoft has made the upgrade to Windows 10 free for the user whose system or … Continue reading “[FIX] Get Windows 10 icon in Windows 7/8.1”

ByteBX is down over worldwide

Yes, Folks you see it right Bytebx.com the popular torrent leeching website is now down or you can say that bytebx is not working anymore. It has gone offline on 18th July,2015 and since then it is inaccessible. ByteBX is not opening/working You can’t access bytebx from your computer. Don’t worry the same is happening for everybody worldwide … Continue reading “ByteBX is down over worldwide”

How to Make cheap calls internationally with GVCall

We all are on whatsapp, facebook and twitter. We are constantly in touch with our friends and family even in overseas. But in process we forget the basic human interaction which is hearing someone’s voice close to you. We have the option to call our friends locally or internationally for free using Voice call features … Continue reading “How to Make cheap calls internationally with GVCall”

Truemessenger to replace stock android messaging app

Got a message from unknown sender. Don’t worry, Truemessenger has come to the rescue. True messenger is an app developed by the people who brought you Truecaller and Truedialer like amazing mobile apps. What is TrueMessenger? Yesterday, on 7th July,2015 True Software launched True messenger exclusively in India. TrueMessenger is basically a messaging app like the … Continue reading “Truemessenger to replace stock android messaging app”

[How To] Online recharge using rechargeitnow

Previously we wrote about a review about rechargeitnow.com shortcomings and how they can improve the user interface for better customer experiences. Today we going to show “How to recharge online using rechargeitnow” in step by step tutorial. Before we go talk about “How to recharge mobile via rechargeitnow“. We are going to give an overview … Continue reading “[How To] Online recharge using rechargeitnow”