Run Whatsapp on computer without any software

Whatsapp the popular online messaging can now be accessed from the computer whether it desktop, laptop or netbook it doesnot matter as long as it connected to the internet. Previously we need software like Bluestacks or Genny motion  to run Whatsapp on computer. But now with the web whatsapp feature we can now access whatsapp direct … Continue reading “Run Whatsapp on computer without any software”

[Offline] Microsoft .NET Framework installer

These days almost every third-party application requires Microsoft .NET framework installed in your computer and mainly VPN like OPENVPN, HEXVPN, PD-PROXY , ShieldVPN and many other VPN softwares to work perfectly. So, you see it has become compulsory to have .NET framework in your computer. Microsoft, do provide downloadable .NET framework software through their official website Download section but most … Continue reading “[Offline] Microsoft .NET Framework installer”

[Official] Download Windows8 Enterprise for free from microsoft

Want to get your hands onto the final version of  “Windows8 Enterprise” for free then you are looking at the right place. In this article we are giving step-by-step tutorial how you can get your very own Windows 8 Enterprise for free from Microsoft for 90-days evaluation trial.You might be using the old Windows like … Continue reading “[Official] Download Windows8 Enterprise for free from microsoft”