Truemessenger to replace stock android messaging app

Got a message from unknown sender. Don’t worry, Truemessenger has come to the rescue. True messenger is an app developed by the people who brought you Truecaller and Truedialer like amazing mobile apps. What is TrueMessenger? Yesterday, on 7th July,2015 True Software launched True messenger exclusively in India. TrueMessenger is basically a messaging app like the … Continue reading “Truemessenger to replace stock android messaging app”

How to Transfer Mobikwik Wallet Money to Bank Account

In the latest update of Mobikwik App, Mobikwik has introduced a new service in  which it let user to transfer mobikwik wallet balance to any Bank account. Previously we wrote how Mobikwik has changed the face of Mobile wallet with its integration on various e-commerce websites. The new update in Mobikwik app added a feature … Continue reading “How to Transfer Mobikwik Wallet Money to Bank Account”

Zapp Cash Big on refer earn talktime recharge app

We have recently covered two earn free talktime recharge app dubbed as Mojo and  Whaff rewards. Where Mojo and Whaff rewards has something unique to offer. Zapp cash fails big time on the terms of exclusivity. About Zapp Cash Zapp cash is your next door app laying around in the vastness of Playstore in the category earn free recharge of … Continue reading “Zapp Cash Big on refer earn talktime recharge app”

Mojo yet another free recharge app

This days Google Playstore is flooded with free talktime recharge apps like mcent, Whaff rewards and many more. Who doesn’t like free talktime when you all got to do is just download app from Playstore through the Earn Recharge Talktime app. Previously we wrote Whaff rewards in which you can money in Dollars. Now we … Continue reading “Mojo yet another free recharge app”

Compress and save bandwidth using Opera Max

Opera Software has yet again outdone itself. I remember the first I installed opera mini on my Nokia 6300 back in 2007. It was very fast as compared to the default browser. Though Opera mini did ran out of memory time to time. But what can you do about it Opera mini certainly cannot handle … Continue reading “Compress and save bandwidth using Opera Max”