Things to know about Adsense’s new Page-Level Ads

Adsense launched two new page-level ads format for mobile users on April 27th,16. Google Adsense is referring to these as new generation of Ads. As the number of mobile users surfing on the internet continues to rise. These form of ads will only be shown to the smartphone users. If your website/blog happens to be responsive site then the new page level ads will be shown only on the mobile version of the website.

Google anchor ads for mobile content

The two new page level ads are:

  1. Anchor ad format
  2. Vignette ad format

Anchor Ad format

In anchor ad or overlays ad format, a mobile horizontal ad banner will sticky to the bottom of the screen as you scroll down. And the users will have the option to close this sticky anchor ad at the bottom of the page. Anchor ads will be shown on every page of the website.

Vignette Ad format

In the vignette ad format the users will be shown a full blown page ad which will be shown to mobile users who are leaving the website or opening new page on your website. While the vignette ad i.e. full page ad is shown to you the website page is loaded into the background. So, when you close the full page ads. Your website has already been loaded in the background.

Things you need to know before you use Adsense’s new Page-Level Ads

Beta Stage Ads format

Page-Level ads are in their beta stage. Currently there are two ads format available and more coming in the future.

Will these new mobile ads format will hurt my website page loading speed?

Anchor or Overlays ads are separately loaded in the background. So, that it does not hurt your website page load speed.

When will be the Adsense’s new page level ads will be shown?

Adsense Page-Level ads will be shown to mobile content users. They will not be shown every time. Only when it is best suited to bring revenue. They are optimised for better mobile experience. Your mobile content users won’t be bothered with full page ads as these ads will only be shown when they are most valuable. So, that you could make more money and your mobile content users stays happy. It is basically a win-win situation for both users and the webmasters.

Adsense limits the number of Ads per page. Won’t these new page level will violate google adsense policy?

As Google adsense limits the number of ads you can place in a webpage. These page level ads won’t be counted in the limited number of google ads you can place in a website. So, suppose you have already place 3 Google Ad unit in your website. These additional page-level ad won’t violate any google adsense terms and conditions.

What are the thing I have to do setup these new Mobile ads formats?

One time setup : Paste the new page level ad code on your website head. Whenever a user visits your mobile website. He will be shown Anchor and full mobile page level ads.

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