Streamza the new torrent downloading site

Streamza the new torrent downloading and streaming site lets you watch online movies and videos for free and if you have more than 5 slots you will be download it too.

Streamza has introduced there services when one popular free cloud torrent site is on the verge of closing its free cloud services to free account users. on the other hand is a good alternative to watch online videos and movies seamlessly upto 1GB if you have 1 slot in your account which you would get when you signup for Streamza account. Fetching torrent via magnet link or torrent link is easy and fast. In my experience I fetch a torrent of 800 MB within 40 seconds. Its easy, simple and fast but the only the down side is that you will not be able to download from it if you don’t 5slots in your account which you when buy will cost

  • 1.99$ for 1 week

  • 4.99$ for 1 month

  • 11.99$ for 3months

The features that makes streamza better from any torrent cloud downloading site

  • Integrated torrent search

  • No body will be able to find what you are downloading because streamza uses https protocol

  • High-speed downloading

  • High-speed streaming – Streamza uses http live streaming technology for faster and unmatched quality streaming

What slot means in Streamza?

Each user in streamza  is allocated fixed number of torrent slots that means if you have 1 slot you can store one torrent content at any time and you can delete it and can store it again numerous time. If  you have 5 slots you can store 5 torrent file into your account upto size 30GB. Apart from this you will also get 1 slot for inviting your friends and 1 extra slot if you have been invited by someone and one slot for signing up. That in sum makes 3 Slots in your free streamza  account that means you can store 3 torrent content in your free account and watch how many times you want there is no bandwidth restricition in that just the number of files you can add in your streamza.

But still you won’t be able to download file from streamza because you 3 slots in your account you can only stream that content. For downloading that file you have to buy slots from streamza

What’s my opinion about ?

Streamza has really strike the sweet spot by not having the bandwidth restriction like did. You can delete that torrent and add another torrent without any hassle. I would have Streamza 9/10 score if it would have enabled download for users having less than 5 slots. But not for having the features of downloading torrent file content I would give 7 out of 10 score because not everybody has such high internet speed access and hence every uses torrent downloading for watching movies and videos. Mostly people download Games and software from such site. So, for Games and software downloading Streamza is no go for them.

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