Star News going to be change into ABP news from June 1,2012

Star news one of the top most news channel in India is going to be rebrand as ABP news. This change will occurs because MCCS [Media Content Communication Service] and Star network shareholders have agreed to remove Star brand from the channels.

 The reason for these discontinuing from Star network is that Star want to focus it’s business model only on General entertainment media only.
Star news, Star Ananda and Star Majha are the results of joint venture between MCCS and STAR network. As Star revoked their Brand name from these channels from onwards 1 june,2012 this channels would be known as ABP News, ABP Ananda and ABP Majha.

As ABP business model is only to focus on Broadcasting News.

MCCS maintained a relationship with star network for about 8 years now at the time of discontinuing all anchors, Writers, Journalists, Professional editors and other technical staff will continue to give there standard services with full determination,speed and transperacy to MCCS.

4 thoughts on “Star News going to be change into ABP news from June 1,2012”

  1. i liked the old Star news name it creates a feeling like it is an INdian brand news channel now its name changing to abp news it feels like some foreign company has taken control over it

  2. Pretty much agree with you sameer i also liked the old name star news it was a brand man and now abp new taking over it which has no name in the past , ABP has to work very hard to create it’s brand name in the market

  3. Ye kuch Bhi nahi, 12 lakh panelist ka Badduwa hein, Star News ka upar.Changing names cannot change, what they have done to the poor people like us. This is the happiest moment for me. Its my pray to God finish ABP news also. Teach them a lesson. let them also cry for job & money. let these channel people know what is hardship mean.

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