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In India, American Tv shows won’t have gained popularity if it wasn’t for torrent. Back in the days, we didn’t have online streaming company in India which provided popular foreign television shows within hour of broadcasting in USA. Now we the advent of Netflix India, Hotstar and other streaming sites it has been made possible. But these online streaming charge money for using their services after trial period is over.

So, those who don’t want to pay for watching american shows on streaming sites end up downloading torrent using torrent clients like BitTorrent, µTorrent and vuze. But sometimes the Internet services provider block torrent downloading over there network or throttle downloading speed.

To avoid many look for torrent leeching sites. In these leeching sites, one upload torrent files or paste magnet links to download files on the leeching sites cloud/server. From their, user download the file using Internet download manager without using any torrent client softwares.

But these torrent sites come with their own limitation. Some only allow download limit of 1GB/day or throttle speed to 150 KBps.

Today, I have come up with a new torrent leeching website – . Seedr’s headquarters is located in Haifa, Israel.

Seedr the best of the best torrent downloading site.

Seedr from the start of creating an account on their site offers 2GB maximum file download limit.

There are two ways you can create account on Seedr.

  1. Email Signup – For that you need to verify your email address.
  2. Facebook login.

How to add torrent file into your Seedr account?

  1. Login to your Seedr account.
  2. Open any torrent site – for this tutorial I’ll use .
  3. Now, search the torrent file you want to download – for this I am downloading Marvel Iron Fist S01E01
  4. Look for the magnet icon and copy link address as shown below in the image. Copy link address of magnet files to download on seedr
  5. Paste the link address on the seedr paste torrent link boxPaste torrent link box on the seedr page
  6. After that, the file will get downloaded into the Seedr cloud.
  7. Click on the download icon to download the file into your browser or download manager. Downlaod the file by clicking on the download icon using idm
  8. That’s, how you download torrent file using Seedr without using torrent client and directly into computer using idm.

As, we all know that tv shows episode are hardly above 1GB in 720p quality you can easily download it with seedr.

One thing to note here is that while there may be a size limit to file  you can download. There is no limit to how much files you can download or bandwidth you use from seedr.

Suppose, You have leeched a 2GB movie file in seedr. Now there is no space left to add any file. What you do is download the movie file first using any download manager. After the file has been downloaded into your computer. Delete the file from your Seedr account. Then again you can fetch any size file in your seedr account the next instant and start downloading torrent file again in your computer.

To those hardcore torrent downloader who download extreme 1080p Blu-ray movies and Games 2GB is just not enough for them. They can opt for premium plans from Seedr.

Here are the three premium plan on monthly basis and their cost.

Seedr premium plan for month and their prices

  1. Basic 30GB – $6.95/month
  2. Pro 100GB – $ 9.95/month
  3. Master 1TB – 19.95/month

What we say about Seedr?

Seedr is the best of the best among torrent leeching sites. We have used many leeching sites before and yet, we haven’t come across any website which offers Seedr like services and easy to use approach.

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