Search with Bing and Get Rs.100 freecharge freefund

Bing Rewards earn for searching content onlineToday where Google has all the answers to your queries it is tough to make people see the alternative offered by other search providers like Microsoft own search engine Bing.

There’s a long debate going who’s the best search engine Google or Bing. But for now Bing in association with freecharge has started giving Rs.100 Freecharge freefund codes to users who use bing to search content for 20 days.

Isn’t it great to get free recharge for searching content on the web using Bing. So, how to enroll into Bing Rewards.


Bing Rewards – How to signup for Freecharge freefund codes?

  • Goto Bing Rewards .
  • Login or create a new microsoft outlook account.
  • You will get 10 credits for registering for Bing Rewards.

everytime you search using bing you will get 1 credits

  • Everytime you search using Bing you will earn 1 credit. In a day you can earn maximum of 10 Bing credits.
  • Once, you have reached 70 bing credits. You can redeem those 70 credits for a Rs.30 Freefund code.
  • After that if you continue to use Bing to search you will get to redeem Rs.70 Freecharge freefund code when you reach the threshold of 210 bing reward credit.

How to keep a track of Bing Rewards Credits?

Goto Bing Rewards Dashboard –

Earn Rs.100 using bing your daily search engine

Here you will see Bing Credit Balance and credits left before you can redeem your Bing credits against freecharge freefund codes.

Terms and Conditions for using Bing Rewards?

  1. You need to have your mobile number verified in your Microsoft account to receive the freecharge freefund code.
  2. Bing Rewards Beta in India does not work on the following browsers- UCWeb Mini, Opera Mini, IE6, IE7, IE8, Bing App on Android, Bing App on iOS & iPad, Picturesque App, Opal and Xbox.
  3. You have to be a resident of India. Foreign users cannot avail this offer.
  4. You need to be logged in your microsoft/outlook account to count your searches as +1 credit.

Got a question in your mind about Bing Rewards Beta Programme feel free to drop a comment.

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