Run Whatsapp on computer without any software

Whatsapp the popular online messaging can now be accessed from the computer whether it desktop, laptop or netbook it doesnot matter as long as it connected to the internet. Previously we need software like Bluestacks or Genny motion  to run Whatsapp on computer. But now with the web whatsapp feature we can now access whatsapp direct from the web browser itself. For currently web whatsapp is only supported by chrome browser. If you try to open  from browser like Mozilla firefox or Internet explorer you will be taken to the downloading page for whatsapp app.

Scan Code on whatsapp

How to get Web Whatsapp on Computer

  • First you need to have Google chrome installed in your computer
  • You will need to open the link from google chrome
  • There you will the QR code which you need to scan from your smartphone in which you have installed whatsapp

Scan Web Whatsapp QR code on Mobile for different platforms

  • Android , Nokia S60, Windows Phone – Open Whatsapp – Menu – Whatsapp Web
  • Blackberry – Open Whatsapp – Chats – Menu Key – Whatsapp Web 
  • Blackberry 10 – Open Whatsapp – Swipe down from top of the screen  – Whatsapp Web

The only downside of using whatsapp web is that you need to have installed whatsapp in your mobile so that you can access it on your computer too which isn’t much of use when you don’t have a smartphone or mobile wihout whatsapp installed. So, in the sense it is not a replacement to using whatsapp in computer using Bluestack or Genny motion. It is kind of an alternate way to get whatsapp notification and message into your chrome browser

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