rechargeitnow – A in-depth Review about its services

Online mobile recharge is gaining its pace in India slowly and is continue to increase at a steady speed. People these day are now opting for recharging their mobile online. Whether it is pay postpaid bills, recharge DTH connection or Data Card most people have started using online recharge portal as a medium for recharge related transaction.

Today we bring a in depth review about  “ : Recharge portal and its services“. Before we open up the Pandora box for rechargeitnow epic fails. We are going to look over some of the services and features of rechargeitnow.

What is rechargeitnow and its services?

Rechargeitnow is mobile recharge portal which offers mobile, DTH, Data card recharge and also allow to pay postpaid mobile connection bills.

When we visited rechargeitnow,com website. We found that the website provide the basic feature that every mobile recharge gateway provides. Though there are some serious scope of improvement in rechargeitnow. Like where should I start from.

1. User Interface fails

I really wanted to use some other word in place of fails. But since, I am reviewing about it and no body ask me to. I am going to restrain myself from making this post a bad review.

Rechargeitnow fails to visually appeal to me. The website distracts you way more than any recharge portal does. All the flashy visual descriptive ads. Just take a look “How rechargeitnow website looks”

Rechargeitnow using old webs interface

2. Advertisement in recharge website

Seriously, which popular recharge portal websites uses ads from third-party sources like Google Ads or any other advertising sites. It is really harmful for online business to use Adsense served ads because google show ads related to content unless you block it from the ad manager setting. Like in case of rechargeitnow, Ads will most likely to appear from other recharge websites which will drive customers away from it.

Apart from the business and marketing prospect, Ads in recharge portal does not look good . We as a user want clean interface and no clutter content floating here and there one you learn from . Freecharge use to be site like rechargeitnow but boy it made some serious comeback with its latest website design. I was more in love with paytm before I switched to freecharge because of fast website loading speed and UI.

3. No Confirmation about recharge done.

One thing, I really hate about rechargeitnow when I have successfully paid amount for my mobile recharge using debit card via rechargeitnow for Rs.150 I didn’t got a confirmation page rather I was redirected to to which I was really pissed off about. How come they didn’t give a message saying that My recharge was successful or not.

After writing so many not so good word about it. Lets put a good word for rechargeitnow.

1. Multiple rechargeitnow login option

Rechargeitnow offers to sign up via the conventional registration form as well as Login via facebook, Google and Yahoo. Most recharge sites do not include yahoo as a sign in option. So a +1 for rechargeitnow.

2. Get free recharge

This one service they highly promote almost every page of their website. Users have a chance to get Rs.150 free recharge by applying for offer like Apply for a SBI Bank, Axis Bank, Citibank, American Express credit card. And also writing a Hotel Review on HolidayIQ for which you will be credited a recharge of Rs.15 or download an app and get instant reward of Rs.5. You also earn free recharge from rechargeitnow by referring your friends and family to it.

How to contact rechargeitnow customer care?

If you have any complaints or queries regarding recharge failure. Money got deducted from bank but you never got your recharge confirmed. You can always write to recharge it now via email or you can reach out through their contact us page. As of now I could not find any rechargeitnow customer care phone number. If you have happen to found any rechargeitnow toll free number please write it at the comment section.

Whats author’s opinion about

I recharged my mobile via rechargeitnow just so that I can check a new online payment gateway site PayUMoney which offers a 1% discount to whatever you pay through their PayUMoney Pay payment method which they are partner with. I get it they need some serious funding to compete with the likes of Paytm and Freecharge which is backed by snapdeal. But using Ads is no solution to get loyal users or get funded. To get users they should give rechargeitnow coupons/ promo code from time to time to stay in this competing mobile recharge market of India.

When we go through the rechargeitnow about us page we found some description about it, hard to believe like the one we are including from their about page saying is India’s No. 1 recharge & bill payment site that delivers next generation instant online pre-paid recharge & mobile bill payment solutions to end users.

RechargeitNow said that they are India’s No.1 recharge site whose India Alexa ranking is 426 at the time of writing this review. So, they are India’s No.1 Recharge portal then what Paytm and freecharge which have an India Alexa ranking of 24 and 364. On what basis they said there are No.1 I don’t get. If you guys know, please do write us below in the comment section. Also don’t forget to share your experience of recharging through rechargeitnow.

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