[Quikr] Get Rs.100 cashback coupon from paytm

Do want Rs.100 cashback for free ? Yes, right. Well how can your answer be no. When you are getting Rs.100 for free by doing next to nothing. This past day we have been sharing quite a free recharge coupons like [CashBack] Get Rs.50 from freecharge app . Now its Paytm turn to offer free recharge cashback coupons.

Quikr Paytm Offer

How to Get Rs.100 paytm cashback coupons

Before I begin there are actually 2 paytm coupons of Rs.50 cashback which in total makes Rs.100. 

  1. Install Quikr from playstore
  2. Create a new account on Quikr
  3. Offer is only valid for new user
  4. Coupon code won’t be sent until you signup your email address on Quikr

Note: If you have been a previous user of Quikr. You are not eligible for a coupon from paytm. This offer is only valid for new quikr. If a user uninstall and reinstall Quikr app he/she won’t be given a new Quikr paytm Rs.50 cashback coupon. A user can only avail this offer only once.

Quikr next offer which gives Rs.50 cashback paytm coupon

  1. Post a new ad on Quikr via using Quikr app
  2. The Ad must contain atleast one image
  3. Offer is valid for both new and old user 
  4. Paytm Rs.50 cashback coupon is sent to your email after your posted Ad is validated

Note : Even you were not eligible for cashback coupon of Rs.50 from paytm after installing and verifying your email on Quikr. You can avail the offer 2 from Quikr which is posting a new ad via Quikr mobile app which will send you a new cashback coupon from paytm of Rs.50 . This offer is valid for both new and existing quikr user. A user can avail this offer once only.

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