Put.io to end 108,000 free accounts

Put.io the famous free torrenting cloud site has decided to put an axe into its 108,000 free accounts which it has kept  for over 1.5 years. Put.io to its free account user gives 1GB bandwidth and 1GB file upload everyday to download.

Few months ago put.io has also disabled free registration in its site but that time you can still get free account by paying for 1 month and then you will have your free account for lifetime. But it seems that put.io has decided to shutdown all its free accounts the one account you pay for one-time to get free account in put.io will also get disabled by the end of this November month. The same message has been conveyed to every free account holder in put.io via this statement

I have bad news: We will disable free accounts at the end of this month. We’ve been grandfathering 108,000 free accounts for 1.5 years now. It’s time to say goodbye before the cost kills us.Thank you for all your support. We hope you will not be bummed too much.  We sincerely wanted to keep supporting you, but it’s not possible anymore.

If you would to continue with put.io you can buy there yearly plan with which you will also get 15% off if you apply this coupon HEISENBERGHAT.

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