Do not support Facebook Digital India initiative by changing your profile pic

The Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi went to visit Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook in the Facebook Headquarter at Silicon Valley.  The talk continued between Modi and Zuckerberg how facebook can help PM’s digital campaign and more. At the same time Modi talks to Zuckerberg in Hindi showing support to the official language of India. Ofcourse Modi did use a translator to help Mark understand what he was saying.

Lets take a deep analysis about Facebook Digital India Campaign

Before giving you a reason why you should not support Facebook Digital India initiative by changing your FB profile pic.

What is Facebook Digital India Campaign?

Mark Zuckerberg after changing his facebook profile pic into tri-color themed which are the three colors of Indian Flags. The Change in Display Pic[DP] in Mark profile also compelled PM Narendra Modi to change his facebook profile too which sorts of created a ripple effects among Indians to change their DPs which you can now see that most of your facebook friends are changing their profile picture to supportdigitalindia to which most of them are unaware what in the true meaning is #SupportDigitalIndia . 

Do not support Facebook Digital India initiative by changing your profile pic

Nevertheless, if its not doing any harm why can’t I change my profile pic to support Digital India campaign. Well here’s you are wrong. By using SupportDigitalIndia campaign, Facebook is using your profile to make a vote in favor for which is now after receiving a lot of criticism for Net Neutrality which we always covered in Savetheinternet says yes to Net Neutrality

FB is using your facebook dp against net neutrality

If you look at the source code of the page you can see facebook is tracking number of people who are changing facebook display picture to show support to digital india which it will use against the very definition of net neutrality by giving limited of free services to Reliance user in India which in terms translate free internet for many. By using it they are not limiting users accessibility to other web services but also monopolizing that facebook and its partner gets the best of benefit from freebasics facebook service by not including rivals third-party services.

Though or may look small right now. But if not looked it could lead to killing of latest startups and web based services. And only big companies will be able to make many off it by killing its rivals before they could even emerge into a blossom. India which is an emerging market seeing many startups meet success like OlaCabs, OyeRooms, Uber and many more.Many Colleges and parents [ Well few parents urrr.] are encourage their kids to walk the path of Entrepreneurs. This takes of ignorance and unawareness will most likely to kill the dreams of these kids to become Entrepreneurs.

Show your support to digital India but by not changing your profile pic on facebook which only support facebook ulterior motive of keeping services like in the market which is very harmful for Net Neutrality where every content is treated equally much like ours country democracy. 

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