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Nimbuzz messaging app has integrated new feature Search & Share in its new update. While chatting in nimbuzz with your nimbuzz contacts you can search and share places , hospitals , Gas stations, stores, movies reviews, restaurants, ATM and videos without leaving the chatting screen via swipe and share gesture. With this new update whenever you are talking to your friends or loved ones about a movie or place you don’t have to minimize the nimbuzz app and search about its reviews on your browser you can directly do it without leaving or closing nimbuzz app. You can directly search and share the same with your friends.
Nimbuzz has made possible to integrate “Search and share” feature in its app by teaming up with Sprylogic. Sprylogic is a local mobile search and messaging solutions technology provider that enables user to discover places , restaurants & atms and movies reviews without leaving the app.

Nimbuzz keys features

  • It allows you to call your nimbuzz contacts for free
  • Do free video HD call to your nimbuzz friends
  • Other features that started with nimbuzz and are the foundation of nimbuzz are Group Chat, Chatroom, SIP VOIP, Chat buddies and Gifts

Update your Nimbuzz app now and get the new “Search and Share” feature.

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