[Mouthshut] Write reviews and earn money in India

It would be nice when you can get paid for writing a review about a product you own or services you used. Here’s your chance to make money by sharing your experience about the product. MouthShut is offering Rs.100 per reviews of any product, if you make review about it first. Making a second review post which has already been covered once in Mouthshut will make you Rs.50 per review, if you are the second one to write review about it.

What is Mouthshut and what is its aim?

MouthShut is a place where users can write blogs and reviews. Read blogs and reviews which other Mouthshut users created. You have the ability to rate and comment any user review as per credibility of the content and other criteria. You discuss and ask opinions about the item which you are going to buy on mouthshut.com

Mouthshut in the simplest form is community blogging about products and services. Yes, you can find content about services like whether the movies which was released a day or two is worth spending your money for. You may also find blog and reviews across mouthshut about education like whether a particular coaching is good for you or there are actually only big from the outside but small from the inside in terms of services and facilities offering. Mouthshut is filled with user-generated content. Before you think of buying a new mobile or a bike. You go check mouthshut for honest consumers reviews about.

When was Mouthshut founded ?

Before there was facebook and twitter. There was Mouthshut and still continue to exist with an average of 8 million pageviews/month. It was founded/created by Faisal Farooqui a young entrepreneur in the year 2000 in Mumbai when he was 24 years old at that time. So, you can see mouthshut been here for about 15 years serving you honest man product feelings and opinion. It has over 5 Million registered user with about 440,000 products and services including restaurants, movies, travel, car, bikes etc. reviews.

How to earn money in India by writing reviews on Mouthshut?

Mouthshut is running a contest “WRITE SHARE WIN” in which mouthshut registered users can participate by writing a mouthshut reviews about products and services. Whether you were happy or sad the product or services you used. Don’t just bottle it up to you only. Goto Mouthshut or Mouthshut app from your android, iOS or windows device and start writing a post “How was your experience” whether it was good or bad just share your honest opinion/feedback.

Write Reviews. Share and Win Prizes

  1. Open Mouthshut SHARE & WIN contest
  2. Click on the participate
  3. You can login with facebook or you can use traditional way of registration on Mouthshut
  4. Then, you will be taken to a page where you can write a review on which Mouthshut popularly calls as Mouthpad.

If you scroll down to the mouthshut contest page you will find mouthshut earnings of various registered users. It is one geniune/trushed money making online websites in India. 

Share & Win Contest Winners

Though Mouthshut should not be considered just an Online Earning Website For Indian because it has more than a thousand of customers feedback, a strong will to back your words about a company/brand product. The proof of which that Mouthshut challenges the IT rules to Supreme court of India about the safeguarding of freedom of expression. Mouthshut whenever want can stop this write share win contest. When the contest is still on, make the most money out of it.

 What are the terms & conditions of MouthShut review: write share win contest?

  • When I will get my Mouthshut Winnings money?

The winning/amount/money you made through mouthshut by writing reviews will be transferred  1st and 15th of every month.

  • No copy pasting reviews/article/post

Your review will not be approved. If you copy paste the article from any other website. The review about the product or services should be your own feedback/opinion written in a well structured manner. Mouthshut does not entertain Plagiarized, No value, Abusive reviews and promotional content. In conclusion you will not earn money from your review post.

  • Write reviews about what on Mouthshut?

You can write your reviews about movies which are currently in Movie halls/cinemas. Product which are still available in market.

If you have any queries related to mouthshut share your reviews online and earn money program. You can write us below at the comment section.

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