KolaKube Chronicl Thesis Skin Review

Thesis doesn’t need an introduction/review for its powerful framework. And so does Kolakube’s wordpress theme, thesis skin Chronicl. The fast loading page speed it provides and above all the SEO settings it provide while most of the bloggers have shifted towards yoast SEO plugin for powering their WordPress website/blog.
Kolakube Chronicle Theme full Review plus responsive design

Why you should buy/download Kolakube Chronicl Child theme?

We all know thesis default child theme isn’t much of a design you should be using in wordpress site. While there are many wonderful free thesis theme available. You should go for Kolakube’s Chronicl Skin. Here’s our quick review of Kolakube themes.

Why Buy Chronicl Thesis Child Theme from KolaKube?

KolaKube Chronicl skin is one of the most beautiful WordPress theme crafted for thesis.
Most people mistake the name Chronicl for Chronicle. But nevertheless it almost sound the same when pronounce Chronicl.

Chronicl Design

Chronicl user interface of the wordpress theme is eye pleasing. It is mix of orange and white which delivers the content of the website beautifully. You will fall in love with the design. The Chronicl design is strictly for Blog based websites. But you never know you can also tweak the design to make it suitable for magazine design.

Chronicl comes with custom page template

  1. One without sidebar. So, that you can give much stress to writing and make your blog post/article/reviews much appealing to your readers.
  2. You have custom 404 error page which you can customise it
  3. One for the landing page which you can use it as when your website is under maintainance or isn’t launched yet

Chronicl is mobile friendly

Now almost every wordpress theme comes with a responsive design. It is tablet and mobile friendly. It quickly adjust itself as the device screen size whether you are browsing from desktop, laptop or any mobile devices.

Chronicl skin font

It uses Georgia font & Font Awesome icons which we at madnot also use in the body of the website. It is Search engine optimization friendly as the post content should be of font pixel of 16px which chronicl theme is.

Chronicl Navigation bar

Kolakube uses a capsule like design for each menu items in the menu bar which is minimal and elegant. It support two navigation location one at the right header and the other as the main naviagation menu with dropdown feature too.

Chronicl Widget designs

Kolakube has customised the subscribe/newsletter form which make the reader/new visitors to your websites to subscribe the feeds of your blog. The social Network widget design is simply the best. Clever use of colors as per the social websites background is simply amazing. It support upto four footer column widget.

What author says about chronicl child theme?

When I have never actually tried kolakube’s Chronicl thesis theme. But when I was on Blogspot. I used the Chronicl Kolakube thesis theme/template for blogger which was converted by Chandeep J. I kept using the chronicl template for a whole two year before I decide to switch to self hosted WordPress platform.

How to Download/Buy Chronicl Thesis theme?

You can purchase it for $79. And I bet you it’s worth spending you money to buy a premium wordpress theme for your blog. Click to Buy/Download the Chronicl wordpress theme

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