[India] #Savetheinternet says yes to Net Neutrality

How would like when you have to pay extra to use whatsapp , facebook messenger , skype , viber and many more even if you had recharged your mobile with a internet pack. Let me get this straight suppose you have recharged your internet with a normal internet pack and you browse , download and use various apps like whatsapp, facebook , hike , youtube app and many more without getting charged for using this services. But it is all going to change Indian telecom operator have asked TRAI [ Telecom Authority of India] to implement a rule where they can charge their consumers for using over the top [OTT] services like apps facebook messenger, whatsapp, hike, skype and viber.

Why you should fight for Anti Net Neutrality ?

If this rule get passed by the TRAI you days of using carefree internet will be long gone because you have to think whether opening a particular site or using an app you will be charged or not. If that’s not enough you will have to buy internet pack for particular service if you want to use it like suppose you want to use Google you will have to pay Rs.30 or some extra along with your regular internet packs.

What’s the whole story behind Anti Net Neutrality in India?

Back in 2014, December Airtel started charging its user for VOIP services which is usually free to use. Soon Airtel realized and introduced a separate pack for using VOIP services on their network. And the internet.org campaign started by joint venture of facebook and reliance which is clear violation of Net Neturality like who decides which websites to be listed on and not to be listed on internet.org.

Why you should supports Net Neutrality?

netneutrality madnot

In Net Neutrality, Every content on the internet is treated equally and there is no discrimination which site will  open fast as compare to other. Like suppose if your internet provider doesnot like Amazon then they can slow the pageload speed of amazon and at the same time they like flipkart, snapdeal whose pageload speed they can increase drastically. So far giving priority to certain content or website is practiced by the Indian telecom operator like you have saw how fast youtube opens as compare to other video streaming site though the load time difference is barely recognizable but it is there. It is just one example this sort of practice is still done by indian internet provider.Below is a video created by online community AIB which explain Net Neutrality in its simplest

How you can fight in support of Net Neutrality ?

  • Goto savetheinternet.in
  • Send an email to TRAI which doesnot need much of trouble you just have copy and paste the content

I have already signup for the campaign the #savetheinternet. Now its your turn. If we can unite all the people in India to fight for Net Neutrality then we repeat the success which was seen by the countries like Brazil , Chile and Netherlands. 

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