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[India] Get Rs.1000 Amazon Gift coupon from OnePlusStore

OnePlus company is running a new marketing campaign called “Best Smartphone contest“. OnePlus for this brand awareness campaign to be a success made Bollywood Actor Amitabh Bachchan
the Brand Ambassador.

Updated on 6th April,17 : On Wednesday 5th April,17 we were successful in getting a Rs.1000 Amazon Gift Voucher. Proof of the Amazon Coupon screenshot is given below in the article.

What is OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest?

OnePlus started the Best Smartphone Contest for Brand Awareness. For that they are giving three types of rewards to user who participate in the contest. Users have to take part in new task every Wednesday to earn 200 points. After they have accumulated 800 points, 1000 points and 1200 points. They can redeem these points against the following three different values of Amazon Gift Voucher and 1 Lucky Draw ticket for 1200 points.

  1. OnePlus in the Best Smartphone Contest is giving  Rs.500, Rs.1000 and Rs.200 Amazon Gift Voucher Coupons.
  2. Those you refer the maximum number of people to the OnePlus Contest will get a OnePlus 3T for free. Top 10 users who are on the Leader Board Challenge at the end of the Contest will a OnePlus 3T.
  3. Lucky Draw Ticket – One user will take a whopping 1 Crore Rupees Home.

How to Get Rs.1000 Amazon Gift coupon from OnePlusStore

  • Goto Best Smartphone Contest at OnePlusStore
  • Scroll down the Page and Click on Enter Now.

  • You’ll see Task 4/6. Don’t click on it. Instead on the first small dot to the left.

  • Now, You will see Task 1/6 – Spread the Love – Click on Enter Now

  • You will see a Login Box. At the bottom of it says Signup with Email. Click on it.
  • Fill all the details asked in the signup page like Name, Email and Password. Complete the Captcha verification and click on Signup.
  • Verify your Email address to Complete registration.
  • Now Goto Oneplus Contest page –
  • Again Goto Task 1/6 Spread the Love – Click Enter Now. It will ask to share the contest on social media. Click on Facebook or Twitter. Share the post. You will earn 200 points.

  • Goto Task 2/6 Meet the Oneplus – Click Enter Now. Here you need to find the hidden OnePlus 3T in the 9 Boxes within 10 seconds. For that you will get another 200 points.

  • Goto Task 3/6 Dash Charge – You will see a Video about Oneplus features. Then Click on the Quiz tab. Answer the question. For correct answer you will get another 200 points.

  • Goto Task 4/6 Light Camera Action – Click Enter Now. Complete the Collage Puzzle with correct images in the right place and Share it on facebook or twitter. This will fetch you another 200 Points.

  • Goto Task 5/6 Core ValueUn-jumble the OnePlus slogan –  Click Enter Now – OnePlus brand philosophy drives us make the best smartphones. Tell us what it is using the alphabets below.

The core Value of OnePlus is – Never Settle

What is the core value of Oneplus Never settler

Now you have completed 5 out of 6 Tasks. On every wednesday a new task unlocks of 200 points. After you have accumulated 1000 points you can redeem it against Rs.1000 Amazon voucher on Wednesday 12:00 PM.

How to Redeem Amazon Rs.1000 Gift Voucher From OnePlus Store

Every Wednesday, User can redeem their points against Amazon Gift Voucher. For this week, 1000 points will get you Rs.1000 AMAZON GIFT VOUCHER

  1. Goto this Claim Prizes – Link
  2. You will see Rs.500,Rs.1000,Rs.2000 Amazon Gift Card. Click on Rs.1000 tab. Then Click on Claim Now.
  3. Now you have Successfully redeemed your points against Rs.1000 Amazon Gift Card.

Remember, You can only redeem your points on Wednesday only. You can start to Claim Amazon Gift Card from 12:00 PM onward every Wednesday.

On 5th April,17 we were successfully in getting Rs.1000 Amazon GIft Coupon against our 1000 points in OnePlusStore. Below is the screenshot of Rs.1000 Amazon Gift Voucher.

Got Rs.1000 Amazon Gift Voucher coupon from oneplusstore

We wouldn’t recommend you to redeem the above Amazon Gift Card Number in your Amazon account as we have already redeemed in our Amazon account.

Now that this week contest ended. We are left with OnePlus Store Final Countdown. Now there is only one task left to do. Those you weren’t able to get either Rs.500 or Rs.100 Amazon Gift Card can now Claim for Rs.2000 Amazon Gift Card for the upcoming wednesday contest on 12th April,17.

One task which is yet to unlock which you will get to complete on :

The Final Countdown on April 12th win rs1000 and one crore rupees

  1. The Final Countdown – 12th April,17.
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1 Comment
  1. Deepak says

    I’ve 1000points when I tried to claim 1000Rs Amazon gift card they are saying sorry selected gift card is out of stock. So it shows one plus and amitabh making everyone fools once again with the promotions. We fools trust on them and played one plus events on every Wednesday till today but no use of that.. they they used us to share their promotions thru our Facebook and Twitter accountz… Why this bullshit ??

    1. Gaurav Ekka says

      We updated the article and you can see above the proof that Oneplus does give Rs.1000 Gift voucher. The Amazon Gift voucher that they give are in limited quantity. So, you need to act fast click on the claim now on wednesday when the clock hit 12:00 PM. On our last experience all the amazon coupon got out of stock at 12:09 PM. On next tuesday make sure you click on the claim now at 12:00 PM to earn Rs.2000 Amazon Gift Voucher.

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