How to use Userscripts in Google chrome

As we all know that Google chrome by default doesnot run userscripts or chrome extensions when downloaded outside from chrome store. But like in Android smartphones we have the options to run apps from unknown sources that means the Apps downloaded outside from Google Play just like that we can install/run userscripts in chrome by tweaking chrome using a Chrome extension. Before heading straight towards the tutorial “How to install userscripts in Chrome.” Let me first enlighten you about Userscripts and its functions.

What is Userscripts ?

A userscript is just a javascript code sequence which is made to change the appearance of a particular website, remove unnecessary things from a website, autorun some functionality on a website, helps to debug a website and many other things. To make userscript work in Mozilla firefox it requires an Add-0n call Greasemonkey which helps to manage all userscripts in Firefox.
But these days, Mozilla firefox is no longer people’s favourite browser they have made there switch to chrome.But chrome natively doesnot support userscripts. When tried installing userscripts from it gives error like

“Apps, extensions and user scripts cannot be added from this website.”

So, How to install userscripts on Google Chrome

  • Install Tampermonkey extension from Chrome store
  • Enable/activate tampermonkey on Chrome
  • Download any userscripts from 
  • When installing user scripts, Tampermonkey extensions asks for your permission to install the following user scripts simply click OK. Now you can run userscripts in chrome too. To manage userscripts in chrome click on Tampermonkey icon Extension and then goto DashBoard

But do make sure that it doesnot contains malicious which compromise your online browsing because userscripts are just javascripts file it can contain malicious code. So, install user scripts from the source/author you trust

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