How to Transfer Mobikwik Wallet Money to Bank Account

In the latest update of Mobikwik App, Mobikwik has introduced a new service in  which it let user to transfer mobikwik wallet balance to any Bank account.

Previously we wrote how Mobikwik has changed the face of Mobile wallet with its integration on various e-commerce websites. The new update in Mobikwik app added a feature in which users can send wallet balance to bank account. Right now this service is only available in the mobile app platform of Android, Windows and iOS. Money Features will soon be added into the desktop version. Mobikwik has tagged the Money Transfer section as Coming soon in the desktop version. Before we show you how to transfer Mobikwik Wallet Money to Bank Account. We are going to go through “How to transfer Money from Mobikwik Wallet to Wallet

How to transfer Balance from Mobikwik Wallet to Wallet

  • Transfer mobikwik money wallet to walletOpen Mobikwik app
  • Click on the section which says “ Transfer Money : To your friends and family
  • There you will see two option Wallet to Wallet and Wallet to Bank
  • Select Wallet to Wallet
  • Enter the mobile number or email address to person you want to send your mobikwik balance
  • Enter the amount
  • In the comment section: You can either leave it blank or you can add a comment which be shown to the user end which is receiving money
  • That’s it. Click on send. You Mobikwik balance has been successfully transferred from your Mobikwik wallet to your friend wallet

Note : Mobikwik doesnot charge you for using the mobikwik wallet to wallet. Also there is no minimum limit the money you want to transfer from wallet to wallet.

It is about time that we show you “How to transfer Mobikwik balance from wallet to bank“. This new feature unlike Wallet to Wallet charge 4% of the total transcation amount. Suppose if you send Rs.1000 from your mobikwik wallet to bank account you will charge Rs.40 and the amount that will be transferred into the bank account will Rs.960.

How to transfer mobikwik balance to bank

  • wallet to bankOpen Mobikwik App
  • Click on Money Transfer
  • There you will see Wallet to Bank option. Click on it [ If you don’t see Mobikwik wallet to bank section, You need update your app from playstore or windows marketplace if matters]
  • In the Wallet to bank section you will see the option to enter Account name, Account Number, IFSC Code and Amount.
  • If don’t know the IFSC code of the bank you are sending money , you can get code from by selecting your Bank Branch name.
  • Enter all the details required about the bank account.
  • In the amount section. Enter amount more than Rs.500
  • Then click on send. You have successfully transfer balance from Mobikwik wallet to your bank account.

Note: You will be charged 4% of the total amount i.e. for Rs.500 you will charged Rs.20 and the amount that would reflect in your bank statement would Rs.480. You can send money from mobikwik wallet to someone else bank account. And remember IFSC of bank changes from branch to branch. So make sure to ask for the ifsc code to the person in whose account you want to transfer the money.

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  1. I transfer Rs 500 to our wallet to other mobikwik wallet but till now its not credited in his wallet and no transaction history show in my account & same debited to my account please tell me how much time its taken or how to refund my ammount.

  2. Am not able to transfer money to my bank account. its showing “you are not authorized to do this transaction”. plz help me

  3. I have wallet balance 1000 .I’m tried to transfer it to bank account but it shows message “this feature is nor allowed for your account ”
    please help me

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