Freecharge: How to use guide register and login

Freecharge which not so long ago got acquired by Snapdeal. Freecharge Snapdeal acquisition brought more investment to freecharge and with that too also brought freecharge snapdeal offers in which users where awarded with free freecharge credits of Rs.25 and Rs.30 for installing snapdeal using freecharge.

Previously we wrote about “How to recharge online using paytm” which we explained quite in detail and the same procedure can also be followed to recharge from other mobile recharge portal websites like Mobikwik, rechargeitnow and oxigen. In-spite of all that we are getting quite a request via facebook and email about How to recharge online using . 

How to recharge mobile online via freecharge

  • Open
  • Login or sign up [If you already don’t have an account already]. You can also signup quick using sign-up via Facebook or Signup via Google. If you don’t  want to go through all the trouble of filling up the signup form like Email id , Mobile No , Name and Password.

Freecharge login

  • After you have logged in successfully.
  • A new page will be opened where you have enter the Mobile no. in which you want to recharge .Press Enter or click on the next

Freecharge enter mobile no

  • It will then ask to select the connection whether your Mobile No. is prepaid or postpaid. Usually it automatically fetches the detail whether your entered Mobile is a prepaid or postpaid connection. If the fetched data is correct Press Enter or click on the arrow depicting next. If the fetched connection data is wrong select the correct and then click on next.

Select prepaid

  • After that it will ask “ Which Operator ? “. Again it will fetch the operator data automatically if it wrong select the right operator and then click on next.

select operator

  • Enter the amount or select the desired plan from view plans.  Click on next

Amount filled

  • A new page will be opened in which it will ask to select coupon of various products. The freecharge coupons may free or paid. If the selected coupon is paid it will be added to the total order.
  • If  you have selected the coupon click on proceed payment or if you haven’t selected the coupon click on skip coupons

Skip coupons

  • Then a new sidebar page will be opened it will ask you to Enter Freefund/promocode. If you have the freecharge freefund or freecharge promocode enter or if you don’t have then leave it as blank

Amount detail and atm card

  • Then it will ask you How you want to pay the recharge or total order amount.
  • You can use Debit/Credit , Netbanking, ATM card, Cash Cards or Amex Ezeclick.
  • In this tutorial we are going to use Debit/Credit which is normally our ATM card cum Debit card
  • Enter Card No. , Name and Expiry date which is written is your ATM/Debit card
  • Enter CVV code which is a 3-digit code which is written on the back side of the ATM/Debit card
  • After that you will be taken to your bank page where you have to enter Secure code.

Enter securecode

  • If you already have create secure code simply enter the secure code and click on pay . That’s it you have successfully  recharged your mobile.
  • If you haven’t created the secure code or this is first time you are using your Debit card / ATM card for the first time then at the bank page it will ask to create a new secure code. Enter the ATM pin and desired password you want to be your secure code. Make sure you don’t forget the secure you have just created because it will be used every time you shop or recharge online. Your ATM pin will be used for online transaction. Remember ATM pin is not secure code.
  • After you have successfully created secure code . Enter it and click on Pay. That’s it you have successfully recharge your Mobile Number online using

Update : What do when freecharge recharge not successful?

First of all you don’t need to panic about it. You probably have got a message from your bank that the desired amount has been deducted from your bank account but you didn’t got a message from freecharge as well as your mobile operator that your recharge was a success. If that the case you might first want to check whether the desired amount has been credited into the freecharge credit because sometimes the denominations you enter to recharge your mobile doesn’t exist anymore or it is a special recharge. So freecharge inspite simply refunding the amount to your bank account which takes quite the time like a week or so simply transfer the amount to freecharge credit. If you have even looked into the freecharge credit and the amount hasn’t been credit then you can contact freecharge directly via their support site or you can an drop an email at

Note : Secure code is online password you create at that time when you use your Debit card /ATM card to shop online for the first time. Secure code is not your ATM pin. Make sure you pen it down secure code or do not forget secure code because it will be required to authenticate that you are yourselves who is using the card to shop online. Secure code is an added security to protect your debit card being misused only online who knows your ATM pin anyhow but does not know your secure code. So, you are safe from any online transaction till you don’t share your secure code to anyone.

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