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Most of my friends ask me “How I recharge my mobile online”. Basically most of us want to our recharge our mobile through Internet because we don’t have to walk down to mobile recharge store i.e. doing online recharge not only saves our time but also our energy. But in the end we are scared to use our ATM/ Debit card / Credit card  online because  it will get hacked and our money will be stolen by some Hacker. So, in the end we think in spite of losing our hard work money whats the problem in walking down the recharge store. There’s no problem in recharging your mobile through shop but if we think like  if we use our debit card we will be hacked it will be like if we go out of House we’ll have an accident.
Article updated on Nov,19 2o16. As RBI has directed all the banks to switch from 3D secure code form of transaction to OTP based transaction for the approval of online transaction.

So, in this post I’m going to show you “How to recharge your mobile safely online “. There are numerous of recharge portal on the Internet through which you can recharge your mobile like

  • and many more
You can also recharge online by going to your respective mobile operator website. So, to explain How to recharge your mobile online I am going to use Paytm as my online recharging portal.
Step 1 : You need to go to
Step 2 : Signup an account there
Step 3 : Login 
 paytm login page and signup page for new paytm users
Step 4 : Enter your Mobile Number in which you want to recharge your number. After you have entered your number it will automatically fetch mobile operator name if it is wrong correct it.
Step 5 :  Enter the Recharge amount
enter the recharge amount mobile number and amount you want to recharge from your paytm account
Step 6 : Click on proceed.
Step 7 : A new page will open from which you will be given the option to choose paid or free coupons which you can use it to avail the offer given in the coupon in their respective stores. Do note that if you select paid coupon you will be charged for that coupon.
Step 8 : Select coupon or Do not select coupon it depends upon your wish.
select the coupon of various stores to avail discount on their product from paytm deal and discount coupon page

Step 9 : Click on proceed to pay

select from a variety of option to pay your recharge amount from atm card debit card credit card netbanking and imps

Step 10 : You will be given various option through which you can pay the recharge amount

  • Debit card [ For Indians it is the Same ATM card you use to withdrawal money from ATM Machine]
  • Credit Card
  • Net Banking
  • ATM card
  • IMPS
I believe not everybody has not started internet banking with their bank. If you have you can use the Internet banking option in Paytm.
Well most of like us who don’t have started Internet Banking feature with their Bank can use their ATM Card details to pay the recharge amount.
Like in the debit card option you will be asked to “Enter card No.”  enter 16-digit number in the field which is given in your card.
Then it will ask to Enter Name enter the name as given in your card
In the Card Expiry Month and year field enter your card expiry detail
It will ask CVV No. which is given on the back of your debit-card Enter the last 3-Digit in there
Step 11 : Click on proceed Safely.
only otp is asked in sbi bank account to authorize the transaction
Step 12 : After that you will be taken to your Bank website in which you have enter OTP [One time password] which is sent to your registered mobile number in your bank account. 
Step 13 :  After that you have clicked on submit you will be taken to paytm site for the confirmation of recharge.
The above transaction was made using State Bank of India Debit card. In this the SBI site only asks for the OTP code that was sent to your registered mobile number with your SBI bank account to authorize the transaction for online recharge payment it is the same for other shopping portal. If you are using other bank ATM/ Debit card the procedure is same for all of them.
However, we found that making transaction with Punjab National Bank Debit Card. It asks us to enter the Card Expiry date and also ATM pin. I guess PNB does so for adding another security layer to know that it is you who is making the transaction online. After that you are to confirm the mobile number in which the OTP will be sent in your registered PNB mobile number. Then you are directed to a page where you can enter the OTP and make the transaction. In using PNB debit card we have to do two more step before we can reach the page where we enter the OTP and authorize the transaction.We have added the screenshot of using PNB debit card transaction step by step below.
For added security pnb asks to enter the atm pin and card expiry date once again
Step : 1 – PNB asks you enter the debit card expiry date and atm pin. It is completely safe to enter your atm pin here as it the bank who is asking you to do so.
Pnb asks you whether the otp to be sent is with you
Step : 2 – For additional security purpose, for the transaction to complete OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. You can see the mobile number last digits to confirm in which mobile number OTP will be sent.
PNB adds two more security layer before you can authorize the transaction
Step : 3 – Here like using SBI debit card to make the transaction successful you need to enter the otp received in your mobile number to make the online recharge of your payment successful. After this you will be redirect to paytm site for your successful transaction online receipt.
Note: Some Bank will use the shortcut method of directly sending OTP to your registered mobile number like SBI.
While, some bank will use PNB debit card approach to ask for your debit card expiry month & year and ATM pin . After then you will be eligible to enter to make the online transaction a success.

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    1. otp is one time password which is sent by your bank to your registered mobile number. You have to register your mobile number to your branch so that you can get otp when you use your debit card to recharge everytime. this otp problem generally happens to sbi bank account holder

    1. Yes, you can your registered mobile no. with the bank by writing an application the bank manager saying that you want to change your mobile number with a reason. Or if you don’t want to go through all the hassle of writing an application you can go to the atm under various option there will be one which say change mobile number

  1. Sab khuch process thik ho jaane ke baad (ATM card) ho ya (online banking) dono se hi Reachage nahi ho raha h please muje batao m kaise or kya karu

    “Your Mobile number is not registered, please register the same at your branch


  3. sir mera or ek question hay
    mera ek vodafone number hay jo maine new a/c karne k liye dal diya to usme to otp jaruri hota hay to mujhe otp hi nehi aya to maine fir singup kiya to mujhe paytm app bata raha hay ki contact to to mujhe ab kya karna chahiye kya may ab us number se new a/c nehi kar payunga or hoga to kayse hoga please sir mujhe bataiye

    1. You cannot make new account the same number in paytm you can need to go paytm forgot password page and enter your mobile number it will otp to your number. If it doesnot send otp to your number. Disable DND [Do not disturb] service in your vodafone number.

  4. Sir, pay tm aur other online ke liye nationalize bank ka hi account chahiye kya, because I dont want to use my sbi account, aur ek queation me apna sbi ka online banking ka username aur password dono bhul chuka hu so wht should I do for online banking, aur bhi kuch options he kya online shopping ke liye

    1. You can use your atm card to shop online. Just remember you can to register your mobile number to receive otp. If you forgotten your username and password of sbi netbanking you have visit your sbi branch.

  5. Sir maine paytm me jaisa apne btaya sara procedure follow kia lekin debit card ki info fill krne ke baad payment failed bta rha hai or ye msg show ho rha h..Payment Details
    “Your Bank didn’t authorize this transaction. Please contact your bank with your transaction number for details” Ab mjhe kya krna chahie

  6. sir first time m doing online recharge via paytm…. they r asking for secure code from would i get this secure code n how can i create it for mobile recharge

  7. Thank soooo much……for u every question which would have cone if I hadn’t read d website, is crystal clear like water…..thank you so much….if such friendly websites are there…it seems DAT someone is guiding you throughout akwzz…

    1. The secure password system has been as per RBI instruction to OTP verification method which will send a one time password in your registered mobile which you have to feed into the transaction website

  8. Sir how to pay from paytm wallet balance.
    And how to add money in paytm wallet and how i use paytm wallet for rechrge n pay bills

  9. hello sir mene sb kuch wese hi kra jesa btaya gya pr sb kuch krne ke bad ye transiction failed bta rha h me first time debit card use kr rha hu apne likha ki apni bank website pe jao aur secuirity code dalo……….sir bank of baroda ki website pe jane ke bad me kha pr dalu apna secuirity code kuch smjh ni a rha h pls help me

  10. Sir maine per ja ke sare info fill kiya but in end jab mai apne atm card ka Otp submit karta hu to yeh messege a raha hai “the authentication is error…………please contact to your CSR.

  11. Sir maine per ja ke sare info fill kiya but in end jab mai apne atm card ka Otp submit karta hu to yeh messege a raha hai “the authentication is error…………please contact to your CSR. Plz Gaurav sir help me !

    1. It’s not paytm that is asking for your atm pin. It’s your bank transaction gateway portal is asking along with debit card expiry date and month. Enter those detail and continue transaction.

  12. Sir, mai debit card se na receive karpa raha hun n hi mobile recharge kar pa raha hun please help me.

  13. Mai nirdeso ka palan karta hu phir bhi nahi kar pa raha hun
    Your transaction compete wahi par
    ruk jata hai. Please help me.

    1. Now you don’t need to create 3d secure code because of rbi guidelines. If you do online transaction using debit / atm card an otp will be send to your mobile. if you have lost the number in which the otp is sent then you can change your mobile number by visiting the bank branch or you can also change the primary number visiting atm too.

  14. This is the first time I have tried to pay bills via paytm or online, never used debit card before for any online transactions, so how will I get to know my secure code as paytm app is not responding

  15. what is Secure Code ??

    Secure Code Ne Confused Kar Diya Hai””

    Gaurav Sir ….Mein First Time Online Kuch Karne Jaa Raha Hoon. Aur Koi Secure Code Mujhe Nahi Pata …Sooo Mein Bank Mein Inquiry Karoon Ya #SecureCode Matlb New code Rakhana Hota Hai? Phir iisi Code Ko Har Online Shooping main use karna padata hai?


    1. The article has been updated. You don’t need secure code to make the transaction a success. Now you only need is the otp that is sent to your mobile number. For better understanding I recommend you read the above article once again. we have update it on 16 Nov 2016

  16. Sir how to make payment using Visa Debit card??
    when i tried to pay, they ask me for PIN
    they ask me to create password

    1. they might be asking you to create 3d secure code for future transaction. so that you can that use to shop internationally. for domestic payment you need otp in our mobile to authorize the transaction

  17. hi..i am using canara bank debit card… after entering the card details card no and ask password.. instead of sending any otp to my registered mobile number..i didn’t know which password is it referring to…please guide me what to do.
    Thank you

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