How to play unsupported format on MX player

Mx Player is must have Video player app for your Android. Now a days, many of the local mobile brands are pre-loading their smartphones with mxplayer already installed on it. Some even use as a default media player in place of the stock Android Video Player.

Mx video player was able to gain the #1 position for Video player in Google Play Store is because it supports almost every video file format from HD mp4 to HEVC .H265 MKV.

While initially MxPlayer didn’t add support for .mkv , .flv and .dat video format to be shown in the mx player video list. It was able to all the video format.

Later Mx Player update their app and now it shows video format file like mkv and flv in the playlist. It doesn’t show .DAT video files. So, in this tutorial we are going to show you How to play unsupported video format on MX Player.

How to Play .dat / unsupported format on Mx Player?

Mx Player is capable of playing every other video format there ever made. It just that it don’t show of the video format file on the Mx player video playlist. So, how you are going to play video that don’t show up on Mx Player/ MX Player Pro.

  1. You gonna need is a file manager. Not the ones that comes pre-installed in your samsung galaxy devices. Rather you need to download File Explorer like ES Explorer, Blue FTP or Root File manager.
  2. You are going to need these File browser because it comes with an option to Open file With feature.
  3. From Open File With you can select Mx player.
  4. There you see. If you open some .dat extension video file with Open with MxPlayer Video Player option. You are able to play the same file which don’t show up on MX player list.

Mx Player not working features.

While Mx Player codec is capable of playing every video file format. Your smartphones limits its functionality. Like some cheap Smartphones can’t play Full-HD videos or HD videos even Mx Player supports them because the mobile hardware is not supported or not upto the task.

Mx player AC3 sound not supported is MX Player codec issue. Mx player hasn’t yet implemented support for AC3 file format.

Mx player is not able to play videos which have codec Google VP9 or HEVC. Most of the phones can’t play VP9 codec format video namely Galaxy Grand Duos, Galaxy Note 2, Moto G , Moto E, Microsoft lumia 640XL etc. These are the phones I have tried playing VP9 codec format and failed miserably. But to my Surprise Moto G[3rd Gen] and Moto E [2nd Gen] was able to play the Google VP9 codec file which you download with IDM from Youtube.

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