How to make free calls and sms using Globfone

You are connected on the internet all day long chatting with your friends on facebook, tweeting on twitter and messaging over whatsapp. But have you ever wondered that you can  even call someone to their mobile or landline without using your phone just by using your laptop only which is of course connected to the internet. The ability to call someone or your loved ones is made possible by the technology calls “Voice Over Internet Protocol” probably known as VOIP. 
Just like a service is made on web application platform that uses adobe flash player installed in your computer.

Before beginning the tutorial, I should tell you few things in advance about Globfone and their terms and conditions.
  • Do not use their service to abuse someone
  • You cannot call unlimited throughout the day using Globfone. Globfone put a restriction of every call made through web app of about 3mins/call
  • It can be used to call your loved ones, family members living abroad to save yourself from expensive International [ISD] calls
  • You donot need to signup for their services
  • You can also send sms 
  • Your number won’t be used to make call. If you are calling someone in India he will receive the call from this number +91-9034069854 everytime you use Globfone

How to make free calls and sms through Globfone

  1. Open
  2. Head to Make Call
  3. Then you will be asked to select country and enter mobile number in which you want to make call
  4. For verification you have complete captcha challenge
  5. Then You’re ready to make call to the number you enter for 198 seconds

Note : To use Globfone you need to have adobe flash player installed in your web browser. You can even use Globfone in your  android if you have flash player installed in your droid

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  1. Seems absolutely brilliant. I’m an old age pensioner 70+ and am not gadget literate. Globfone is a gift from heaven to me. Many thanks to all who were involved in designing and are still involved in operating it. Nobel committee please take note.

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