How to Make cheap calls internationally with GVCall

We all are on whatsapp, facebook and twitter. We are constantly in touch with our friends and family even in overseas. But in process we forget the basic human interaction which is hearing someone’s voice close to you. We have the option to call our friends locally or internationally for free using Voice call features of facebook messenger and Whatsapp messenger which of course requires internet and atleast give a decent speed of 100KBps or you should be on the 3G network to make clear voice over internet protocol [VOIP] calls.

Have you have wondered what if you could make cheap international call without using internet connection. Just a service like is GVcall which is offered by Globalvoice AS. Suppose you live in USA and want to call your family at India. You’ll be charged $0.05 or Rs.3.17 .

How to Make cheap international call with GVCall?

Download GV Call app and get 1$ for free calling

  1. Sign Up an account at [Sign up is free. You don’t need to pay for creating an account]
  2. Download GVCall App
    1. Android – PlayStore
    2. iPhone – Apple Store
  3. Top up your GVcall App with the package that suits your requirements
  4. Start calling Internationally and locally using GvCall.

How does GV CALL works?

Using GVCALL app dial the number you want to call with country code. You will get a call back from an unknown. Pickup/Recieve the call and within a few seconds you will be connected to the person you are calling.

Note:- GVCALL is not a free international call service. It is a prepaid service which give crystal clear voice quality, No call dropping and No echo which is common problem found in free calling services/app.

How to make free call from GVCALL?

Download GV Call app and get 1$ for free callingGVCall is running a promotional offer in which you get $1 credit for installing their GVcall apk.

  1. Open GVCALL app
  2. Register an account using email
  3. Verify your Email Address
  4. After sometime, you will see you have got $1 credit or Rs.63.47 in your GVCall account.
  5. Now make local and internation call for free

With $1 credit you can call for 20 minutes free from America to India. GVcall doesn’t need any wifi connection or any internet connection for its services. It has better voice quality than most of VOIP provides.

This offer of $1 credit is only applicable for GVcall app to new user. You don’t need to apply any promocode/coupons to avail this offer.

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