[HOW TO] Launch Google Chrome in metro interface

Google Chrome  is the #1 web browser not only just because it is fast and simple to use but also because of  constant development by chrome team to integrate new features into it. Microsoft, since of  its windows 8 launch has been aggressively promoting its metro user interface through various social media and TV commercial the one song you would have probably remember “Take a chance, take a chance mujhe pe daav laaga” which featured windows 8’s metro interface.

Internet Explorer 10 which comes only with windows 8 has two interface

  1. Desktop User Interface
  2. Metro User Interface

Many of you would be familiar with IE10 Metro Interface. But what about other browsers did they also not come with metro feature? And the answer to it is Yes, Google Chrome does comes with metro feature. So, the one question probably striking your mind is

How to get metro interface on Google Chrome “

  • Goto Google Chrome
  • Click on the button  [ present at the top right hand corner just below close window button]
  • click on Relaunch chrome on the windows 8 mode 
  • It will then Ask you ” How do you want to open this type of link (http)? 
  • Select Google chrome

But keep one thing in mind after selecting Google Chrome to open http link your Internet Explorer 10 metro will not work.

That’s it after that your chrome browser will be restart in metro interface. From, now onward whenever you click on Chrome button either from windows 8 start,desktop or from taskbar it will open it in chrome metro interface. There’s only a little bit of difference between Chrome desktop and Chrome metro.

How Chrome metro is different from chrome desktop ?

  • Windows taskbar would be vanished
  • Minimize, Maximize and Close button will be gone too in metro interface
  • Right clicking on the top of chrome would open it in full screen removing Tabs and address bar
  • With chrome metro in action, you can stick chrome in windows 8 left/right sidebar either in small/large space

How to open chrome back in desktop mode again

  • Click on the button  
  • Then click on Relaunch on the desktop

That’s it chrome will restart and will open in Chrome desktop mode as usual whenever you click on Chrome shortcut icon.

Step-by-step to activate/disable chrome in windows 8 mode

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