How to host all your blog images on for free

Bloggers this days are more cautious about the page loading time, Pagerank and Alexa rank of their blog/website. If your blog page loading time is good means your Blog loads within a second  then your probability of getting good Google page rank is more and Alexa do also consider page loading time as one of the aspect to rank individual websites.

There are many ways through you can improve your website page loading speed time.

  1. Using Clean,Simple and Fast loading WordPress theme
  2. Using CSS Sprites which decreases the No. of  http request
  3. Using Content delivery Network services like MaxCDN and Amazon CDN to delivery your blog images and various other file types through their content delivery network which not only improves your blog loading time but also reduces the load of http requests from your Web Host and also saves bandwidth of your web hosting package.

Though using CDN [content delivery network]  is one of the best option to reduce the load from your web server. But this kind of CDN services don’t comes with a tag free of cost. But there is another way through you can improve your page speed time by serving  all your Self-Hosted WordPress images on by using  Jetpack plugin powered by wordpress which is helpful in tracking down through which medium your site is gaining traffic and what are the keywords people search to find your blog. The thing that Jetpack additional Photon feature does that it cache all your blog images and serve them through the super-fast content delivery network [CDN] by giving a boost to your site by loading all the images in blog post through their CDN and you can definitely trust on that it will never go offline or break your blog images because wordpress serve millions of pages daily through the sub-domains of created by bloggers.

How to use Content Delivery Network [ CDN] to host all your blog images

  • Install & activate Jetpack plugin through WordPress dashboard
  • Connect Jetpack via logging and authorizing it to 
  • Then scroll down to your Jetpack page and you will see an additional feature/module call Photon
  • Activate Photon and from that instant all your blog images will be served through CDN

 How to deactivate Photon module from Jetpack plugin

However, If you don’t like serving all your images because some of the images are broken [which is highly unlikely to occur] or for some other reason through WP CDN then you can easily deactivate Photon by going to the Jetpack page in the Photon module and within Photon clicking on Learn More you can deactivate serving all your images through WordPress.

Note : Bloggers who are using free webhosting or are using premium low Bandwidth support package should always consider using Jetpack’s Photon feature to serve their blog images through Content Delivery Network because it will help them from getting there webhosting from being suspended of using more bandwidth and most probably will help to reduce load from your WebHosting server.

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  1. Install just now jetpack in my blog and all of a sudden my blog is loading really fast though first post content come then images comes. Because readeers and specially i like to see the written part come first

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