How to get Windows 10 ISO file offline for installation media

Microsoft has started to roll out the Windows 10 upgrade via Get windows 10 app icon sitting in the taskbar notification tray. But there is one thing you won’t be able to Windows 10 .iso image file for making bootable USB or DVD to do a clean install of windows 10.

For those Windows user who weren’t able to get the “Get Window 10″ app notification icon read : [FIX] Get Windows 10 icon in Windows 7/8.1 .

As we know that installing/upgrading Windows 10 from Windows 8.1/7 won’t save the .iso image file for windows installation media for offline install using the Get windows 10. 

We are going to use an official tool made available by microsoft for those users who want to have the option to install Windows 10 later or to make a bootable DVD/USB of Windows 10 installation media or you can simply want to save the bandwidth of your data plan from upgrading each and every computer in your office/home/company.

Remember: If you choose the option to create installation media for another PC. You need to have the product key of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to install windows 10 in your PC.

How to get Windows 10 iso download image file for offline install?

Microsoft released a new software/tool media creation tool from which you can create windows 10 iso to USB bootable. This Windows Media creation tool is also useful for those people who didn’t get the Get windows 10 app in the taskbar navigation area. They can simply launch the tool and get their system upgrade to windows 10.

Download Windows Media Creation tool

  • Download Tool Now (32-bit version)
  • Download Tool Now (64-bit version) –

Install the tool and run as admin. Media Creation tool will give you the option What do you want to do?

Download Windows 10 Offline ISO Files

If you don’t want to get windows 10 iso downloaded to your C: drive. Simply click on Upgrade this PC now.

If you do want to get Windows 10 iso upgrade image download for offline use. Select Create installation media for another PC

After a second or so, Media creation tool will start to download the required file for the setup to get windows ready for Windows 10.

With the help of tool you can also install windows 10 on your macbook devices. As you have now got  windows 10 iso image you can also run it on VMWARE platform to check if you really want to replace your old Windows 8.1/7 version with it in a separate isolated mode of virtual machine.

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