[How to] Get Facebook Home on all Android Phones

A month ago, Facebook revealed that they are going to update the facebook news feed where user have the option to customise their news feed to get latest updates of stories and photos from the  people they want to and facebook team has really made go away the clutter news feed.

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Now, few days ago facebook launched their new app called Facebook Home or we can call it facebook launcher for android smartphones. But the sad part  is facebook HOME which customise your phone entirely for facebook chatting, sharing, photos and stories is currently available on few phones which can be installed from Google Play  and compatible devices are HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S3 , Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and HTC first which comes with built-in facebook home launcher.

If are disappointed that facebook home is currently not available for your Android Handset and you are really craving  to get your hands on Facebook Home app but you don’t have flagship phones of  HTC and Samsung then you are right place looking at.

How to install facebook Home on incompatible/every Android phone.

Well you might have encountered similar message when installing facebook home from Google Play that “This app is incompatible with your AirTel Samsung GT-S5570”. I have Galaxy Pop so there’s no chance it is available for my Android currently.

To install facebook home on your android download modified version of facebook home and fb messenger

To unzip facebook home you can Bluetooth file transfer app from Google play [if you have not already installed it]

Before installing all the three apps make sure you have uninstall all facebook apps like facebook, fb Messenger and fb pages.

  1. Install com.facebook.home.apk
  2. Then install com.facebook.katana.apk
  3. And last install com.facebook.orca.apk

After installing all the three apps open facebook application and login to your fb account. After login to your account you would see a message saying “Thanks for installing Facebook Home. Just one more step to Get started. ” Then click on finish setup and then you would be asked to choose Home as your default launcher. That’s it, now you have got facebook Home in your Android inspite Google play says it is incompatible with you phone.

Note: While installing Facebook Home, if you are getting error like “There is a problem parsing the package ” then the only solution to get install com.facebook.home.apk is to upgrade your Android OS to Jelly Bean [Android 4.1.x] via offical update or by rooting your phone because facebook has made HOME currently for flagship phones which comes with the latest Android OS i.e JellyBean 4.1.x

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  1. arrey yaar there is a problem parsing the package aa raha hai mein Samsung galaxy y use kar rahan hun jisme Android 2.3 hai.
    Uske liye koi customised fb home do

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