How to delete account from facebook

Today facebook has become an integral part of everyone’s life from teenagers to our Grandpa everybody is on facebook even a small 10 year old boy has an account on facebook. You must thinking that why iam saying that why should you delete your facebook account. The answers to this question is  numerous but according to me there are 3 reasons why i am deleting my facebook account.

1. Takes a lot of my time
2. Kills my creativity and productivity
3. Affects my relationship with my friends and family member

Your reasons may be different but if  you  think you are wasting your precious time on facebook just by chatting with strangers , Poking friends and  using useless apps like which celebrity who are going to date which in return won’t give you anything but takes a lot of things away from you : the ability to be creative, real friends and your own personality. From my point of  if you seriously want to get over to your facebook addiction or  facebook account deactiving your account won’t help because you always have the option to get back to your facebook  life once again. If you want to seriously get rid of  that thing  completely you must remove it completely. So, if you are convinced with my opinions let’s move onto the tutorial.

How to delete facebook account?

The deletion of  facebook account is so  simple except facebook don’t give you the direct option  from your facebook account setting to delete as it gives to deactivate your account easily as facebook don’t want their users to be decreased. Deleting your facebook account will delete all your photos , videos , walls , comments and all others information from it. So backup your facebook data before deleting it

Goto facebook delete my account request page

There you would see a warning message saying that your account will be deleted permanently from facebook and you cannot use your facebook account anymore. Then Select “Delete My Account”

After clicking on that you would see a new window of  Permanently Delete account asking for your password and Captcha to be filled and then click on “Okay”

Then you would be taken to a new page saying that your account be deleted on these day, Month to be deleted and the exact day it will be completely removed from facebook. Like in my case it says
Your account will be deleted on Monday, May 14, 2012

After that click on “confirm deletion”  and then again you will be taken to a new page saying your account is still scheduled to be deleted. That’s it after 15 days you account will be deleted. Now enjoy talking to your friends physically and play with them.

By the way if you want to cancel your deletion of Your Facebook account

Login to your account within 15 days and click on cancel deletion and then reactivate account.
Choice is yours whether you want to delete your account or not.

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