[How To] Avoid Fake Online Money Making Website

Ever wanted to make money online  just not by doing so much of Homework/ Hardwork then you can never make money online  if you don’t have much of patient in you. Making Money Online requires finding  a genuine website that actually pays you.You can make money online through various programmes scattered all over the internet but the thing is that we don’t whether a particular website is a genuine website that actually pays or is one of the spam sites on Internet. The problem is why people don’t trust on such Online Money making programmes because when they really  stumble upon such Genuine money-making programmes they find it hard to trust on it because  they already been a victim of  such Quick Rich Schemes like of programmes on Internet which are generally Spam because no one will you give 100$ or 1000$ just for reading a mail or by completing surveys which by the way such kind of spam sites at the time of requesting for payout will ask you to become a premium member of their website so that you can get your payment from their website within instinct but even after you become a premium member of their you will never get  paid because of the obvious they are spam websites.

So, How you can really make money when they are such spam sites ready to fool and loot you. Well there are website which genuinely pays you for your work but in the article we are not going to tell you “How you can Make Money Online ” but rather would tell “How to avoid such spam/fake/fraud money making sites

How To Identify fake money making websites

  • First of all don’t waste your time on such which gives you $100 for just reading a mail or visiting a site because they are spam they will simply throw you with any random mail which is of no use.
  • Do not go for websites which asks you to buy a package for so and so money for becoming a member and in return promising you that you will get rich overnight.
  • Don’t go for websites which asks you to become a premium member by buying a package of there website so that you can get your payment within 1 days or so.
  • If you a have little bit of doubt about a particular website search on Google with the site address and at the end add such keywords like fraud, spam, fake and review. I am giving you an example what should you search on Google. Suppose, I want to know that the particular website take for example – www.example.com is genuine , fraud/spam/fake and a review about it. Then I would search on with keywords like “www.example.com review” you can replace review with fraud/spam/fake/genuine.
  • Use common sense, websites to prove their authentitcity add payment proof pictures on their website. Suppose if a website has an upper limit like in a day through the website you can only 10 cents or Rs 5 in a day then in payment proof section they have given that a man/woman has joined the site a week ago and got payout of $50 or Rs.2500 you see that through the website in a day you can only make 10 cents or Rs 5. So, for 7 days it should be 70 cents or Rs 35 which is no way nearer to $50.

In the end it’s always up to you whether to fall into the trap of such false money-making online websites

7 thoughts on “[How To] Avoid Fake Online Money Making Website”

  1. Hello admin is paisalive is also a scam site or not ? I have been reading mails from the last 2 months still haven’t reached the 500rs payout I am stilling 150rs behind.

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  3. how do identify no. of mail like rich within week or join our affilate programme other paisa live binary markting google abscene account any possible that they pepole are true or just making attraction come and buy the product without future return or compensate to loss from other internet user they already cheated from these fraudelent site indian law no control for cheated the indian internet user

  4. your second point is not valid coz I am working for a site in which I buy a pakage and I am also getting paid.

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