How SRWare Iron is different from Google chrome

Since, the previous two weeks i started using SRware Iron Browser which you would probably be unfamiliar with. So, let me first enlighten you about SRWare Iron browser. Its a web browser just like chrome, internet explorer and firefox. 


  • Iron has built-in adblocker which can be configured by a single file
  • The User-Agent in Iron can be permanently changed by UA.ini.
  • It offers you 12 preview-thumbs to make the most of the available space on your monitor

So what makes Srware Iron different from others ?

At first look Srware Iron looks like the carbon copy of Google Chrome. But still it got its own personality.  The difference between Srware Iron and Chrome is that in Srware your data doesnot flow through Google servers and its takes a lot less memory & CPU usage when compared to Google Chrome.
So, if you are really concern about your privacy and do not want your data to flow through Google servers you always have an alternative to it call SRWare Iron Browser though the Chrome browser data flow through  Google Server but google will never use that data against you.

Download SRWare Iron [for Windows 7 , Vista & XP ]

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