How I got Rs.3200 Eyeglasses for Rs.1400 from Lenskart

Recently, I had to buy a new pair of Spectacles for my ever so increasing eye lenses power. Instead of going to the local optical lenses shop. I decided this time. I’ll buy glasses from online. One such website I come across was They offer a wide range of eye lenses whether it be Full Rim, Half Rim and Rimless. Local shops lacks the types of frames you can choose from and the quantity. And the best about buying Frame and eyelenses from lenskart is that you can put those frame on your face virtually using Lenskart 3D try on option.

Lenskart fancy box with awesome design

So, ” How did I got Rs.3200 Eyeglasses for Rs.1400 from Lenskart” . Right now, Lenskart is running a promotional offer in which if you refer your friend. Your friend gets a Rs.500 Lenskart Gift Voucher. If your referred friend makes a purchase of more than Rs.1200 in lenskart. You will Rs.500 Paytm voucher mailed to your email address of your lenskart account after 15 days of product delivery to your friend.

In here, I didn’t refer anyone but myself. As I said earlier, I had to buy a new spectacle. So, what I did was create a new lenskart account. And from that account I referred myself and create another lenskart account that way I got Rs.500 Lenskart Gift voucher which I can use to get discount. As I was a new customer in lenskart. I was entitled to get my first frame for free provided that the frame was of  Vincent chase brand.
After creating my 2nd Lenskart account I had these to help me avail discount.

  1. Rs.500 Lenskart Gift Voucher
  2. First Frame Free

I selected a full rim Vincent chase frame and British Optics lens. The total cost of the product was Rs.3,250.

Vincent Chase brand for first frame freeBut I was able to buy the product for Rs.1400. As it was my first frame from lenskart, frame was free which alone cost Rs.1,200. Then, I applied the Gift Voucher of Rs.500 which I got of referring myself. Now the product cost has come down to Rs.1,550 which I thought was reasonable price for what I was getting. Now here the fun begins as I was heading down for payment page I saw that paying through debit card or credit card will fetch me a discount of Rs.150 further more.

Discounts of Rs. 1850

  • First Frame Free -Rs.1200
  • Lenskart Gift Voucher – Rs.500
  • Payment through Debit Card – Rs.150

So, here the product at its final value only cost me Rs.1,400 only which I happily paid and got the product delivered in 7 days.The packaging was great and Lenskart fancy spectacles was way better than anything I got from my purchase from local shops.

What I think about my experience with Lenskart?

On paper or website you don’t know How the frame will look on your Face. With 3D try on you can virtually put the frame on your face and even rotate it to see whether the frame suits your face type or not. For this feature alone, Lenskart deserve to have my money for offering this amazing feature.

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