Google Keep : The app you should be using to take notes

The world has moved on from talking notes with the help of pen and paper. Now almost every information we used to have it on Hard copies have gone Digital.
Just like it is Google’s developed  App Google Keep is trying to make your work flow effective and available every time at the tip of your fingertips.

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is simple note taking app with the just right amount of tools you’ll need. It is simple to understand and easy to use. The time you will first open Google Keep you will find tutorials and introduction in the form of notes in various color format.
Google Keep shouldn’t be compared with the likes of Evernote or Microsoft OneNote. It is app designed to make your work flow effective with minimal design interface and no fancy features to go. Just strictly Notes taking, To-Do lists and Remainders.

What we like about Google Keep?

It isn’t something Evernote or Microsoft OneNote offers. But what Google Keep offers is an aesthetic design. Fast access if you want to take a quick just open Keep and start writing.
Google Keep offers Quick Notes , Notes, Reminders features, To-do lists, Voice Notes, Photo Notes and Various color format to your liking. Well Color formats notes are mostly used by professional so that they distinguish between important ones and their personal errands without going into the detail.
Our team has been using Google Keep for almost a month now and we have recommended this app to our friends and they developed a liking to it because of its easy to use interface and also because it is also avaliable on your desktop. Like say if you have save a note or remainder in your Android smartphone and have kept the synchronization [Sync] on for Google Keep you are mostly likely to find it on your every internet connected devices  which has Google keep installed and your Google Account linked to it. And the best part is that you can even access Google keep on your desktop too via link
Once the notes fulfill their need you can always archive them just by swiping right or left to put in the Archive lists.
You can even add notes via Keep Homescreen widget which is quite effective and you can go through all your Notes and remainders without even opening the app.

Google Keep Video introduction via youtube

How to Install Google Keep?

  • Or you can always open to access your notes and remainders.

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