Google+ Comments ready to takedown facebook comments for good

Google blogger team today launched Google+ comments much similar to facebook comments. But implementing Google+ comments on your blogger blog is way much easier than integrating facebook comments.

How to implement Google+ comments on Blogger

    • Goto your Blogger Dashboard


  • Then click Google+ tab, then you would be taken where you would be asked to “Use Google+ Comments on this blog ” just mark on it.
  • To make Google+ commenting system perfectly working for your blogger blog you need to upgrade your  blogger profile to Google+ profile or if you already have upgraded to Google+ profile then make sure your blogger blog link is added to your Google+ about page in contributor section.


How Google+ commenting system is different from facebook comments for websites

    • Google+ gives you the option to comment publicly or privately to your Google+ circles.


  • Your blog post link  shared on Google+ when gets comments on it will also be shown on your original post in your website.



  • Older comments will not be removed even after implementing Google+ comments. They will continue to appear in the Google+ comments widget.


Note: If you are considering moving from blogspot domain to custom domain then you should active Google+ comments after you have moved to custom domain otherwise you’ll lose all your comments if you change your blog web address/link.

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