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Buying a domain/website name and creating a website is two different things which many people get confused about. Most of friends ask me “How to create a website” and I usually end up explaining the whole procedure “How they can create website using HTML, php or either they can use online tools to create website which is quite easy for everyone. For everyone that ask me whether they should buy web-hosting or use any free web services like Google’s Blogger platform and free webhosting . I always suggest them to use Blogger because it is easy and doesn’t have any hassle to maintain. But as the website traffic increases or one starts to gain experience in blogging many of the bloggers feel the need to switch from Blogger to WordPress not because Blogger can’t handle that much traffic believe me it is the best option if you don’t want to spend any money in webhosting remember blogger is powered by Google and we all are familiar with the speed and stability that Google provides but because many WordPress offer many features, customization and SEO .

Using WordPress as blogging platform needs server in which you can host all your website files and install files. To install WordPress on server you need to buy webhosting from various webhosting providers.

Such a webhosting provider is GoogieHost which is an Indian based webhosting and web designing company which provides both free as well as premium webhosting packages. Rajesh Chauhan CEO & Co-Founder started GoogieHost in 2012 and since then it has received very good response from the customers.

GoogieHost free webhosting services has received a very good response 100+ webmasters are signing up an account there on daily basis.

GoogieHost Free WebHosting Package details

  • 20GB Storage [For storing your Webserver , installing files and websites upload like images, videos, docments and many extensions files]
  • 200GB Bandwidth [ The bandwidth that they offer is good to handle traffic of newly created website]
  • 2 MySQL Databases [ 1 MySQL database is enough if your thinking of running only wordpress on the server]
  • 2 E-mail accounts [ They give 2 email account which is enough but if you are thinking of using Google apps and outlook email for creating more email address for your custom domain]
  • Website Builder
  • Auto Installer [On one-click you can install wordpress or any web software like micro-blogging, forum, e-commerce site]
  • GoogiePanel & FTP [ You can use FileZilla Software or Googie FTP to browse through website files]

There is a generous fee option if you want to support GoogieHost of $1.99/year . In addition GoogieHost team will provide you Tech support. The support fee is optional. You can still Googie free webhosting without paying a penny.

GoogieHost Premium WebHosting Price and details

  • 100GB Storage [ You don’t really need that huge amount of storage. But Hey, Its premium hosting]
  • 500GB Bandwidth [ The amount of bandwidth they offer is pretty good for a growing website whose traffic is increasing]
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases [You can play with many different webserver software and you don’t have to delete your MySQL database to try out other webserver software other than you can always multiple wordpress installation for domain, sub-domain and you can even use to have a forum of your own which you won’t be getting if you are using Blogger.]
  • Unlimited E-mails accounts [ I don’t really see webmaster using there Web-Hosting Email services might be because Google Apps and OutLook services provide better user interface which Web-Hosting service provider fall short. But on the other side if you don’t want to get in trouble of editing of MX server to forward your to Gmail or outlook. You can always use GoogieHost unlimited E-mail account services]
  • Free Website Builder
  • Softculas Auto Installer [ Softculas manages all whether it is from automatic installing webserver software by unzipping it your web file manager and creating MySQL account and
  • cPanel & SFTP


GoogieHost Premium Web-Hosting costs $4.99/month and they offer for $91 Web-designing services too.  

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Buy GoogieHost Services

  • Premium Hosting for $4.99/month
  • Web-Designing for $91
  • Web-Designing + Hosting + 1 domain for $199

GoogieHost Nameserver details 

For FreeHosting,  Point your Domain nameserver to


For Premium Hosting, Point your Domain nameserver to

GoogieHost Support payment options like Bank Transfer, Airtel Money and Paypal. Right Now they do not support Payza. GoogieHost servers are hosted in India, USA and UK

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