AMC security Pro review & subscription for 3 months giveaway

AMC security preciously known as Advanced Mobile Care has organised a giveaway with maketecheasier to bring you 3 months subscription of its AMC security pro. 

Review about Key features of AMC security


It scan all your files from both internal and external storage. Look for viruses and malware files in your smartphone. In computer you can only scan your external memory. As this days smartphone doesn’t give the option to mass storage mode. You can only view your Internal SD and Memory card using the MTP mode which doesn’t give the option to scan your mobile using pc antivirus.

Payment Guard

It checks for phishing payment page to protect your credit/debit card details from being stolen. Well it doesn’t really matter for us Indian as recently RBI instructed all the banks to two 2-step verification which gets verified by Visa and Mastercard. Even if a hacker gets Indian debit and credit card it is no use for them. As they don’t know the 3D authentication secure code.


It checks for fraud, spam and phishing website. This days their are various facebook phishing page which can stole all your facebook username and password. Therefore you can your facebook hacked.

Surfing Guard

It supports Google Chrome and default browser. It is pretty much like Mcafee site advisor extension on chrome. Where it gives a warning if you are about to open a spam, malware and fraudulent site like “Quick Rich Scheme”.


It comes with a location detector which Google Android manager also offers the same features like alarm and wipe data function so you can easily locate your phone or clean all the data when it is stolen.

Security Guard

Scan your Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC connection to make sure your connection is secured.

App Manager

Have you ever wanted to uninstall all of your useless app in your android but you are stuck with default/stock app manager which lets you to uninstall one app at a time. Its about time that some include the option to mass uninstall app which AMC security has done it.

Download AMC Security pro apk

You can install AMC security pro app from Google Playstore[mks_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-up” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”] which is developed by IObit.

How to get 50 licence keys for a 3-months subscription of AMC Security

So, as we wrote earlier IObit with Maketecheasier is giving you an option to win 3-months subscription of AMC security pro.

You Checkout the giveaway page. Remember:  50 People will get the free license of AMC security subscription for 3-months only.

AMC security pro subscription upgrade cost $9.99 which gives additional add-on features like multiple devices support, anti-phishing, payment guard, anti-theft, scheduled scan and clean, database auto updates, contacts & SMS Vault and an ad-free environment.

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