Get Tunnel Guru Vpn Premium for free

Tunnel Guru VPN is a premium vpn service provider which provides services like Fast HTTP(S) Tunnel , VPN Tunnel Proxy.ICMP Tunnel , DNS Tunnel which lets you secure your online presence .Web Proxy to browse unaccessable site in your region and Bypass Restrictive Firewall to access blocked websites over your campus or office Wifi.

Tunnel Guru as a part of promoting its vpn service is giving away 2 days of its premium services for free upto 10GB usage. What you have to do  is share the promo on your facebook timeline and the TunnelGuru Facebook page.

10gb of free premium vpn for 2 days

How to get 2 Days of TunnelGuru Premium VPN for free upto 10GB

  • Open TunnelGuru promo page
  • Share the promo on your facebook timeline.
  • You should atleast have 75 friends to avail this offer
  • Then after sharing the post you need to like the facebook page of tunnelguru

After that New tunnelguru id and password will be sent in your facebook message box. Then enjoy anonymous  and secure browsing to browse unaccessible and blocked sits

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