Get Rs.5 Paytm/ Udio/ Oxigen Cash daily using Vuliv infinity player app

Want Rs.5 daily doing next to nothing. Your answer couldn’t be no. When we talk about free money. In this article we are going to show you ” How to earn Rs.5 Paytm/ Udio/ Oxigen Cash daily using Vuliv infinity player app “.

What is Vuliv Infinity Player?

Vuliv Infinity Player is a media player app which is a summation of Gallery, Music Player, Video Player and online streaming player. In it you can download online video and save it for offline viewing.

How to Earn Rs.5  Paytm/ Udio/ Oxigen Cash daily using Vuliv infinity player app?

VuLive Infinity Player App Vuliv is giving karma point for using its app. The longer you use Vuliv app the more the karma points you will get. For 500 karma points you have the option to redeem it to any of these three online mobile wallets : Paytm, Udio and Oxigen.

If you happen to earn more than 500 karma points you won’t be able to redeem those 500 point for extra Rs.5 paytm cash. You can only redeem maximum Rs.5/day from vuliv app.

Though you can create multiple vuliv accounts and earn Rs.5 each from every vuliv accounts.

Below are the detailed steps which you need to follow to earn Rs.5 daily in your Paytm/ Udio/ Oxigen wallet

  1. Download Vuliv Infinity Player app from here
  2. Open the app and tap on Get started.
  3. Enter Referral Code – SSoulvwlw1 .
  4. Signup an account using Google+ or Facebook login.
  5. Allow access to your Google+ or facebook account for successful signup.
  6. Goto Menu – Live – Wallets
  7. Now tap on Get on any of the three wallet : Paytm, Udio, Oxigen.
  8. Fill your Name, Email, DOB.
  9. Enter the mobile number that is registered in any of the wallet you are using to redeem those 500 karma points for Rs.5 in your mobile wallet.
  10. Remember you will need to verify your mobile number using otp sent to your mobile.

Now repeat these steps everyday to earn 500 karma point and earn Rs.5 in your favourite mobile wallet.

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