Get 5 freefund freecharge coupon of Rs.10 Ridlr offer

If you have been following us for quite some time you may seen that we have posted 2 free recharge offers / coupons which you can read about it below

Before we get into How to get 5 freecharge freefund coupons for free.  Let me tell you what is Ridlr and its services?

Ridlr: Public Transport App

Ridlr is a public transport app which you gives real-time information about the buses, trains, metro and monorail arrival and departure time. If their is a delay in your transportation medium. Ridlr updates you in real time that your transport or any means of transport is running late by how much minutes. You can share when you boarded train or bus all your networks in Ridlr with real time location and time. Right now Ridlr is supporting 8 cities which are :

  1. Bangalore
  2. Chandigarh
  3. Jaipur
  4. New Delhi
  5. Pune
  6. Mumbai
  7. Chennai
  8. Ahmedabad

How to free 5 Freecharge freefund coupons of Rs.10 each

  1. Download Ridlr from playstore
  2. Install Ridlr
  3. Click on the menu which is the three horizontal bars on the top left corner of the ridlr app
  4. Then click on Invite and earn
  5. You’ll get your own ridlr referral link
  6. Use this referral link to your friends [Tell them to it using your ref link]
  7. For every friend you invite on ridlr using your ridlr referral link
  8. You’ll be sent a freefund freecharge coupon of worth Rs.10 in your email address
  9. You will get freefund coupon upto 5 people you refer on ridlr that means you will 5 freecharge freefund coupon

How to use Freecharge freefund coupon/promocode

  1. Open freecharge mobile app
  2. Enter the required details like Mobile No, Operator and Amount
  3. In the payment page you will be asked to enter freefund/promocode
  4. Enter freefund code which was sent to your email
  5. That’s it , You’ve successfully applied the freefund coupon

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